July 24, 2021


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Why avoid extra cold water in extreme heat!

Intense heat going on. Not to mention the heat of the sun. And when they go out in the sun to sweat, many people drink extra cold water to quench their thirst. Even if it provides peace for a while, it harms the body a lot.

According to medical experts, cold water is much more harmful to our stomach. Because, the stomach cannot digest excess cold water. As a result, esophageal problems such as chest pain, lower abdominal pain and many more can occur.

It can cause a lot of brain damage. After drinking cold water, a sudden difference in body temperature is created. This sudden change in body temperature causes the heart rate to drop, and even the blood temperature to drop.


You should drink enough water before going to extreme heat. This makes you less thirsty in the sun.

Doctors say that if you want to keep yourself hydrated, you need to drink enough water at least 30 minutes before going out of the house. This method is very effective to keep the body fresh for one hour.


Calmness can be found by drinking a glass of water in extreme heat. That’s why it’s not right to take ice cold water out of the fridge in a hurry. Not just hot, Ayurveda has warned against drinking cold water at any time. Cold water disrupts digestion. Experts advise avoiding cold water as much as possible, keeping in mind the summer heat.

According to the book ‘The Complete Book of Ayurvedic Home Remedies’, cold water is said to be unhealthy in any situation. So cold water should be avoided during meals or to quench thirst. It interferes with the normal functioning of the body’s digestive juices (gastric juice). Cold water is responsible for upset stomach. In that book, it is suggested to take a few sips of warm water in the middle of the meal instead of cold water. Find out the reasons for saying no to cold water:

1. Indigestion: According to experts, cold water or cold soft drinks come in contact with blood vessels and interfere with digestion. The nutrients that are absorbed during digestion interfere with the normal process. The body then becomes more engaged in controlling body temperature than digestion. More dehydration is seen in the body. Drinking cold water depletes the body of energy, which leads to temperature control rather than digestion. So experts advise to stay away from cold water.

Cold water
Cold water
2. Sore throat: Drinking cold water in hot weather can cause sore throat. In addition, cold water can be one of the causes of colds. Excessive mucus (mucus) is formed by drinking cold water after meals. It creates obstruction in breathing. When the airways become obstructed, the risk of various inflammatory infections increases.

3. Prevents the melting of fats: Drinking cold water after a meal hardens the fat part of the food so that the body cannot break it down. As a result, unwanted fat accumulates in the body. So many experts forbid drinking water immediately after a meal. Anju Sud, a Bengaluru-based nutritionist in India, recommends drinking water at least half an hour after a meal.

4. Reduces heart rate: Cold water can reduce heart rate. It stimulates the body’s autonomic nervous system. When cold water is consumed, its coolness stimulates the nerves and reduces the heart rate.

5. Stomach ache: Experts advise those who exercise to lose weight not to drink cold water. Body heat is generated after walking or exercising. Then drinking cold water does not suit the body temperature. This causes digestive problems. Many people feel stomach ache. The icy water gives a big push to the body. References: NDTV.