September 26, 2021


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5 ways to get attractive skin

Women’s first choice is attractive skin. And try to get enough sleep for him. Because if you get enough sleep, your skin is beautiful. However, just sleeping does not benefit the skin. He must do something before going to sleep.

Find out the 5 things that will make your skin look attractive before you go to sleep.

1. Clean the skin before going to sleep

Before going to bed at night, you must make sure that you do not have any kind of makeup cosmetics on your face. There are many cosmetics that are much more difficult to remove from the skin. So you need to use a lot of good quality makeup remover. Many good quality face washes have to be used. In that case face wash with oily ingredients is much more effective. However, if the skin is oily, any cream without oil can be used.

2. Steam on the skin

As a rule, not everyone has the time or ability to do facials every six weeks. But Steam makes this task much easier. For steam, take a bath with hot water for one to two minutes. Do not wash your face directly with hot water. You have to face the steam rising from the hot water. In this way, the hair follicles of the skin expand and the accumulated dirt will come out easily.

Or, a towel should be washed with hot water, chipped well and placed on the skin. This will remove dirt, bacteria, dust, and even oil from the skin.

3. Remove Dead Sales

More or less everyone has dead cells on their skin. This condition of the skin is caused when you do not get enough essential vitamins. However, after 28 days, it is normal for dead cells to appear in the skin. But sometimes they float in the middle of the skin in a very bad way. Then it becomes difficult to do any makeup on the skin. Alpha-hydroxy acid-based cleansers should be used twice a week to remove dead cells from the skin. In addition, salicylic acid cleansers should be used. This type of cleanser helps to remove excess oil from the skin.

4. Use of moisturizer

Before going to bed at night, one must understand the type of skin and use a good quality moisturizer. Moisturizer works on the skin for a long time at night. Which makes the skin smooth, vibrant, and fresh.

5. Do not sleep on your back

You can’t sleep at night even if you forget. Because, it leaves scars on the skin. And if you don’t wake up at night even if you forget, then in the morning those spots become more terrible. As well as putting too much pressure on the skin, problems like acne increase. Also swelling under the eyes. So to avoid all these problems, you should always lie on your back.