September 26, 2021


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Ways to clean up germs hidden in headphones

Lifestyle Desk: Everyone uses earphones or headphones. What happens when you go out of the house or when traveling by bus-train without earphones!

Even at home, everyone needs to use earphones regularly to listen to music, watch movies and dramas or talk.

But have you ever thought about protecting your favorite and necessary earphone? Earphones or headphones are crammed with germs. Even though it looks clear to the naked eye, billions of germs live in this thing.


Recently, a team of doctors from Whiter Hospital in America conducted an examination on this subject. It has been found that earphones and headphones contain about 6 times more germs than bathroom or kitchen basins.

And it contains about 2,608 times more germs than the chopping board used to cut vegetables. Now the question must have arisen in my mind, then how the germs are deposited in the earphones?

In a study by Apple, they showed that everything from oils, soaps, shampoos, perfumes to food powders stick to earphones. If they remain like this for a long time, they will rot and become the home of germs.


How to destroy germ nests

That is why it is necessary to keep the earphones and headphones clean regularly. Otherwise the ear can be infected. It can cause ringing in the ears, irritation, sores in the ears, deafness etc.

To clean the earphones, you have to wash the sponge cover in water and dry it well. The rest must be cleaned with a cloth soaked in a hand sanitizer.

However, earphones and headphones should not be used while wet. Only use when completely dry.