April 17, 2021


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Boishakh is coming, the day of Bengali dress

But what is not an exception? Of course. That too is in accordance with Bangaliana.

Not on the lips, the clothes will be red: the Prothom-alo
This year’s Boishakh will be organized completely differently than other times. Outside crowds should be avoided. Most of the arrangements for him will be at home or absolutely domestic. And no matter what the arrangement, you have to have a face mask. As a result, most of the facial features will be covered. Especially red lipstick on the lips. But without red, is Boishakh frozen? The question comes to mind. Considering the overall situation, this time everything has to be discounted. The same discount should be given to cosmetics. The red of the lips should be covered now, but the red of the baruk dress.

White and red are the trademark colors of Boishakh. So the clothes should be white and red. Men and women, young and old, old and children — everyone’s clothes should be red and white. Now children’s clothes can be bought to match the parents’ clothes. Stay red and white in it too. Let’s wipe the red and white of the clothes, the sorrow of not being able to paint the lips.

Clothing can be a combination of tradition and current fashion
Clothing can be a combination of tradition and current fashion. Photo: Prothom Alo
If you want to give a traditional outfit with a sari, you may have a red tip on your forehead. With kurta, fatwa, skirt and dhoti-pajamas, you can puff your hair a little and make a ponytail or a stylish braid. Variety can also be brought in jewelry. You can also use colored beads or garlands on your head if you want. Colorful jewelry can be adjusted after plain saree. If the sari is colorful, then the color of the makeup and jewelry will look good only if it is light.

There may be a combination of traditional and fashion trends. Even if the sari or shirt has a local design, you can tie the hair in a neat and trendy style. The accompaniment will be either traditional or funky.


Desi style
You can wear sari in country style
You can wear sari in country style Photo: Prothom Alo
On the holy day of Boishakh, the clothes of all ages will have a touch of bright colors, this is normal. Young women can wear sari in different styles. A middle-aged person can wear a sari with a fringe, with a handkerchief and a round press on the forehead to reveal the neat beauty. However, if anyone wants, he can wear a sari on this day. You can also put Tikli or Nath with it. You can decorate in a completely country style.

Guest reception
As I have said before, this Baishakh will be completely different from other times. The rise of coronary infections has begun. As a result, it would be better to stay away from organizing all kinds of social events. If the guest has to be entertained, it must be done consciously. The social distance is well tolerated, so you can invite guests. That will be the work of discretion.

One more thing needs to be informed. This time, the day of holy Boishakh may be the first day of the month of Ramadan. That should also be kept in mind in the case of cosmetics. Not just cosmetics, Bengali festivals mean endless arrangement of food. Depending on the moon, if fasting begins, then changes must be made in the case of food. In that case food will be arranged at night.

Using base in night makeup can be heavier than during the day. Red or berry colors can be chosen to match the color of the clothing on the lips. At this time the blush and eye shadow is dark but there is no problem. But now give priority to the eyes. Whether the eyes are smoky or soft with a touch of natural shade.

Use masks to match the color of the clothes
Use masks to match the color of the clothes: Prothom Alo
If you go out wearing sari during the day, choose neat clothes considering the comfort of the night meal. It is better to wear traditional outfit with gown, jeans-top or any western style dress. Eye-catching kajal, big tip on the forehead and hand-filled bangles for the native dress. You can leave the sari area in the dawa. You can leave the hair beautifully set on the invitation of the night. Or you can use any hair accessories by tying the hair high.

Don’t assume that you are at home and don’t use a mask. Wherever you are, if you have more than one person, make it a habit to use a mask. And now there is a touch of fashion in the design of the mask. Use the mask of your choice to match the dress. That can become a big attraction of your fashion consciousness this Baishakh.