May 19, 2021


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Trendy collection of soft beauty



Nargis. The word has strange connotations. The word is reminiscent of the first line of a Nazrul song — Bulbuli Nirab Nargis Bane. Nargis is actually a flower. In Iran, after the snow melts at the end of winter, the water rolls down to the plains. Nargis was born on the banks of the river.

Looking at Nargis, it seems as if she is looking at her own shadow in the clear water. Narcissus comes to mind in this context. Narcissus, the flower described in Greek mythology. Involved in the story of the birth of this flower is the name of a handsome young man, who was fascinated by his beauty.

There was a lot of talk from Nargis to Narcissus. Where the main thing is actually beauty. Let’s come to Nargis in the context of this beauty. Nargis is a new fashion label. La Reve, one of the country’s top fashion brands, is set to launch the new label on April 7: Nargis by La Reve. The label is for women.

It would not be wrong to say for women of any age. Although young women are the main target. Nargis’s journey begins with the collection of Eid. Munnujan Nargis, CEO of La Reve, described his dream child Nargis a few days ago in just three words: Beauty, Passion, Love. Short but deeply inspiring.

Munnujan Nargis sat in his office and told the story of Nargis’s birth that day. Shown pictures and videos of the collection. He said that La Reve was created from the idea that people can hold their dreams. The brand has been around for over a decade.

The matte look of basic colors will give comfort to the eyes
Matte look of basic colors will give comfort to the eyes: Nargis
In the meantime, the fashion fans have received immense love. La Reve has become popular across the country. We also know the special needs of La Reve fans in this walk. They have spoken to La Reve about their expectations. We have also tried to realize that expectation.


Munnujan Nargis came to the topic of Nargis after pausing for a moment. He said, ‘We have thought in detail about the needs of our loyal clients. I have done a survey. I have tried to understand their attitude. All this has been a catalyst for a new label. However, we decided to come up with a new label through a specific process. It is planned accordingly. Her real form is Nargis. ‘

He made it clear that Nargis is not a subbrand or a brand under a brand; Rather it is a label. High-end fashion label. For specific market segments.

Branding strategies are arranged separately around this label. Its brand is completely different from Universe La Reve. That is evident in the whole event. Everything from the typography of the word Nargisas to brand color (pink flowers on black ground. Nargisus written in white letters), marketing including handtags. Even each store has a separate corner. Nargis’s visual merchandising can also be distinguished from that of La Reve in the decoration of that part.

Now let’s come to Nargis’s collection. Eid is starting with the collection; Eid is now in full summer. Our country also has a feature of heat. Rising temperatures, scorching heat, high humidity made everyone breathe. At this time comfortable clothing is required. Ventilated soft fabrics, serene colors; These have been taken into consideration. Again, the festive mood cannot be ignored. Therefore, Nargisas’ introductory collection i.e. Eid collection has been made by combining both the subjects.

For this, importance has been given to fabric, design element, print, stitching in every field. The quality of each product has been confirmed. This collection has been created keeping in mind the color and passion of the buyers in Bangladesh with the international color trend of this summer. Where the presence of various shades of pastel ensures visual pleasure. In addition to some basic colors, the aesthetic representation of mixed colors also demands mention. Beige, cream, white, lemon, gold, peach, pink, purple, blue, turquoise and yellow are included in this palette.

Pure muslin, satin-viscose, silk, chiffon, tissue, organza, faux and cellulose-based fabrics have been used in this collection, designed for the upper circle, with a predominance of minimalist concepts.


Clothing has got special importance, Munnujan Nargis added in short.
Various experiments have been seen in the beautification of the garments to see the presentation made with this collection. In addition to screen print and digital print, tie-dye has been used in texture decoration. Zardozi, embroidery and other hand embroidery have added extra glamor to some of the festive attire.

Print and embroidery are the main attractions of this collection
Print and Embroidery The main attraction of this collection is Nargis
However, the excess of value addition did not destroy the original beauty of the fabric. Rather, moderate use of clothing has given aristocracy. Added dimensions with tires, flares, raffles, drapes and frills.

The main game in this collection is cut and pattern. The contemporary presentation of Western clothing, as well as subcontinental traditional clothing, will fascinate. Following the current trend, the silhouette of each garment of Nargis’s Eid collection is f