May 19, 2021


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If that were the case

One thing is clear from watching this shoot very closely, the costume is not the main thing here; Rather, the main goal is to create awareness. That awareness is for women and for women. Changing the attitude of men and of course the people around. That’s why the main theme of this fashion shoot is: not my clothes, but your point of view.


In the bus
The attitude towards women and transgender people in patriarchal society cannot be overstated. On the contrary, women in Bangladesh are oppressed in many ways. It also has various forms. Sometimes loud, sometimes silent.

I don’t know how much discomfort they have to face while walking on the road. Especially when someone goes to a public place a little sejeguje thousands of eyes staring at him. It burns like a flash bulb. And that woman fell into terrible mental anguish. But a little sincerity, a little human feeling can change the picture.
In fact, let’s take the initiative to give the same message through this photoshoot.

If that were the case
If so Hotmodel: Nandini, Mohla and Diana from left; Photo by Zakiul Deep
Let’s be a novice fashion brand; Works with durable and ethical clothing; They see clothing as a means of changing society. That is why we are committed to discouraging fast fashion as well as saving nature. Let’s take a dream-initiative again; Para is working on sustainable living and nature-friendly architecture.

However, this shoot specifically highlights the fact that in our patriarchal society, a woman and a transgender member can relax their presence in the public place, create that feeling in everyone, that awareness, so that they do not fall prey to the negative and greedy gaze of others. No matter, no one’s behavior is offensive or disrespectful. Normally they will be accepted and like five passengers. That is why Mohakhali bus terminal was chosen.

From left: Tahsin Tamanna, Tasnuva, Jaya, Shafia, Nandini, Samrita, Mohla, Diana
From left: Tahsin Tamanna, Tasnuva, Jaya, Shafia, Nandini, Samrita, Mohla, Dianachabi: Author
The shoot was attended by entrepreneur Diana Monica Mrong, employee Nandini Ahmed, A level student Moh Hla E, architecture student Samrita Chanda, geography and ecology student Tahsin Tamanna Nadi, house help Shafia Akhter, actress, student and transgender officer and transgender officer. .


Talk about them
Mo Hla, Tasnuva and Jaya from left; Diana in the back
Mo Hla, Tasnuva and Jaya from left; Dianachabi in the back: Tarannum Nibir
Everyone feels comfortable working with Chal. ‘Besides, the dress of the chalice has a message; When we deliver this message as ambassadors, we feel like icons, “said Diana.

Apart from her studies and acting in plays, Tasnuva also does modeling regularly. He wants to break the society’s stereotype about modeling. For this, transgender women also want to show by modeling themselves that they can be models. This is how he wants to inspire others. However, he has to go through various experiences, which is not always pleasant, says Tasnuvar.

Let’s emphasize women’s self-reliance and ethnicity. Besides, he is presented as such. Both of them deserve special praise.

Jaya Sikder works on the rights of transgender women. His experience is enough. As a result he knows how to meet him or other girls. From that point of view, it is challenging to do a photoshoot here. ‘Because in such an environment we don’t see the presence of women that way. There are no women workers. It is normal for men to be present here. ‘He is confident that he will be able to make others aware by joining this initiative.

Let’s think like this
Let’s think like this: Author
Safia Akhtar was not going to Chennai. Because, I have seen him before in the role of his profession. He seemed like a star that day. At first a little fear worked but later became relaxed.

However, after this shoot, Nandini said that she will not be reluctant to go to a public place.

This year’s collection blouse
Samrita (middle) wearing a blouse made of discarded denim with a cotton sari
Smrita wearing a blouse made of discarded denim with a cotton sari (center) Photo: Tarannum Nibir
Now come to the real word; I.e. clothing context; Which has not been mentioned for so long. Fashion designer Shama Kun has created her new collection with recyclable fabrics. This year’s collection is all about blouses, said Sharara Khan, a director of PARA and head of the Chal project. Said, a total of 10 designs of blouses of various patterns have been made. These blouses are made of two types of fabrics — old saris and ready-made garment factory discarded denim. Patchwork has been done with the surviving pieces while making garments with old fabrics. And kantha has been sewn to decorate the texture.

Blouses made of old sarees have been embellished with canthastitch
The blouse made of old saree has been embellished with Kanthastich model: Safia Akhtar; Photo by Zakiul Deep
The blouse is the friend of the sari. That’s how it was thought; So that girls are interested in wearing sari. In addition, some blouses are made in such a way that they can be worn as a top with jeans, skirt or lehenga. Glud Together assisted in this shoot with jewelry. Hairbar is responsible for hairstyling and makeup.