May 19, 2021


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In this way also aristocracy emerged

In this way also aristocracy emerged

Foreigners occupy 95% of the marriage market in Bangladesh. If you have a little family, you have to go abroad for wedding shopping. And those who shop in the country, they are also naib naib f in local products. There are some people who have confidence in local products. And there are some designers, they walk against the current thinking about the country. This is a long series with them. In the first episode, there is a collection of world-class weddings made by Biplob Saha.

In an article on marriage, West Bengal writer Hossainur Rahman wrote about the bride and groom: One day Badsha-Begum. That’s all. The most precious day of life. Therefore, every effort is made to make the day memorable. Prisoners in various circles of the economy are arranged like them. Foreign issues have also been influential there.

Soylab products and culture like Benozol in the open market. As a result, not only foreign products but also foreign culture is a catalyst in domestic weddings. But in this Bengal, the variety of wedding arrangements and the aesthetics of the celebration spread fascination. Although now they are backdated. So you have to import ‘music’, ‘mehendi’ etc. from others. Our wedding song doesn’t go away. Local clothes do not go.

The issue has moved Biplob Saha. For this he wanted the boat to go against the current. For this he designed the wedding last year. Where he has used absolutely native cloth. Fabrics of Rajshahi Silk, Jamdani, Benarsi, Katan and Tangail of Mirpur.

Biplob Saha was saying, now no one buys three saris in marriage. Because, buy one. That’s what you wear on yellow days. And lehenga at the wedding and gown at the wedding. There is no objection to that either. Lehenga and gown can also be made in the country.

He tried that. In addition to saris, she has made gowns and lehengas with local materials in her designs.

In fact, marriage is rarely rushed. Rather, it takes a lot of time to organize. As a result, it is possible to make Jamdani, Benarsi or any other fabric by ordering it from the beginning and easily make the lehenga and gown of one’s choice with that fabric, says Biplob Sahar.


And there is a sari. That too can be planted in the same way. Our weavers are making it directly as the designers are doing. In this way, we can play a role in supporting the weaving industry and preserving the indigenous weaving tradition. In addition, these will not be inferior in any part to the clothes being bought abroad.

On the contrary, one can contribute for the country even on the most important and joyous day of one’s life, one can be proud of the country’s heritage. It will also be an occasion to enjoy great happiness. Then, after a long time, like Rajalakshmi Devi, with broken teeth and white hair, you can still proudly tell the next generation: You know, we also had a wonderful love.

Marriage is like that; Like chowder for generations. This collection of Biplob Saha is made from that thought. Which has also become quite popular. Many have taken wedding dresses from him. He also expressed his gratitude to those who did so. Because, he thinks, this collection is actually to make everyone aware, so that we don’t become dependent. Because, we have a lot of things. Let’s look at that.

Although it is not possible to keep the collection in the same way due to Corona Atimari this year, she has tried to give it to anyone who wants a wedding collection. She has created collections not just for girls, but for boys. Every dress has been a sight to behold.
Where as much work needs to be done, he has done just that. It did not detract from the beauty of the garment, nor did it scratch the aristocracy. In particular, he did not touch the sherwani and orna of Jamdani cloth. That is the biggest aspect of paying homage to our weavers. Because, many people decorate various textures on Jamadani and beautify it as well as insult the work of weavers.

However, the colors of the bride and groom’s attire have changed for different wedding occasions. Marriage means red or yellow on the skin means yellow, this idea has come out of the recent generation. As a result, marriage is now in white. But yes, the attraction of red has not completely faded. As a result, there is also red. Again green, pink, blue and even black have taken place. As a result, variety is seen in the color palette.

It is important to note here that in our dramas and films, such desi costumes will create awareness among the audience; Which will turn us away from dependency, dependency. Our weavers will benefit, even if it is small, it will benefit our economy. After all, the market will gradually become Bangladesh.