May 17, 2021


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Organizing necessary costume festivals

The lockdown has gone up. Everyone can now shop according to hygiene rules. Each brand has full preparation for Eid collection. There is no problem if there is reluctance in physical shopping. There are opportunities to shop online. Eid is being organized by various fashion houses continuously.

around the world are launching to change or improve the conventional fashion trends of the people. But a fashion brand that works for the social development of a country or region may be few. Which includes Grameen Uniclo. The brand started its journey 10 years ago mainly to play a role in the social development of Bangladesh.

Organizing festivals in necessary attire
At the heart of every Grameen Uniclo collection is the creation of comfortable clothing. This year’s Eid was no exception. Rather the brand has a special clothing collection. Grameen Uniclo Marketing Manager. Shariful Islam said, “We believe that Eid means festival. And the festival means joy. New clothes add dimension to the joy of Eid. But I also want the clothes to be appropriate, stylish and comfortable. Because, fashion lovers prioritize the weather and the type of festival in making their style statement. So we have arranged all the timely stylish and comfortable clothes in our Eid collection this time. ‘

Grameen Uniclo has been working with daily fashion from the very beginning. The effect of which is also present in this year’s festive collection. Md. Introducing the issue, Shariful Islam said that the Japanese brand has already become popular among the people of the country for casual wear. Because it is not only during the festival that a person will present himself beautifully, but also the clothes are the constant companion of the people. So we give more priority to the daily fashion needs of the people and its effect is also seen in the festival collection. This means that in addition to festivals or special days, we also take care of our clothes so that they can be worn at other times.

Organizing festivals in necessary attire
“And Corona has shown us with a finger in the eye how important sustainability is,” he said. So this year we have given priority to the need to create an Eid collection. Grameen Uniclo has fixed the price of each garment considering the economic condition of the buyers during this critical period of the epidemic. In this case, of course, affordable thinking has prevailed. We want our customers to be able to buy the clothes they need for the festival and of course. ‘


The Japanese brand has made Punjabi, premium linen shirts, printed shirts, business shirts, polo shirts and T-shirts in different colors and designs for boys for Eid. These garments are made of advanced and world class special fabrics, which are very comfortable in hot weather. Boys’ bottoms include specially made cut-out pants, jeans, chinos and many more.

Organizing festivals in necessary attire
For girls, Grameen Uniclo’s Eid will feature light and heavy work solids of various designs and printed shirts, tops, different styles of pants and palazzos, leggings and more.