May 16, 2021


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Hijabi women’s hair care

As a result of wearing hijab for a long time, air cannot enter the head properly. It makes the skin sweat. On the other hand, some oils are naturally secreted from our scalp. The combination of sweat and oil makes the scalp sticky. It causes thousands of problems like itching, rash, dandruff etc. For this, hijabi women need to take special care of their hair.


Cold setting of the hairdryer should be used to dry the hair

Cold setting of the hairdryer should be used to dry the hair. Image: ElementFive Digital,

There are many people who do not dry their hair after bathing and wear hijab. It can’t be done at all. The result is bad breath and dandruff. There is even a strong risk of lice. Hair wet with water or sweat should be dried well before wearing hijab. The same thing has to be done by removing the hijab from outside. The best fan air to dry hair. And if you are in a hurry, use the cold setting of the hairdryer. Because, hot air in hot setting can cause hair loss. This also applies to those who do not wear hijab.

Hair should be tied very lightly before wearing hijab. If the hair is tied more tightly, the roots of the hair become soft. This creates the risk of hair loss. Use scratches to tie hair. It is quite soft and does not cause any damage. Long hair should be braided, ponytail or light bangs.

Can breathe to protect hair

Hijab of such cloth should be used

To protect your hair, use a breathable hijab. Photo: Kelvin Octa,

To protect the hair, a hijab should be used so that air and oxygen can enter the hair. At the same time you have to have the ability to absorb sweat. For this choose cotton, jersey, crepe, silk hijab. This type of hijab absorbs excess sweat and keeps the scalp fresh.


Hijab should be cleaned well regularly. This will avoid bacterial infections of the scalp, and will never use someone else’s hijab.


Hair should be cleaned well with regular shampoo. Because, wearing hijab causes dandruff on the scalp for sweat and oil. So you need to use good quality shampoo at least three days a week. Special shampoos for hijabis are now available in the market. Recently, the world famous hair care brand Clear has launched their new product Nutrium Ten Shampoo ‘Hijab Pure’.


Hair needs to be shampooed regularly

Hair should be shampooed regularly: Keira Burton,

Its triple antidandruff technology cleans all oils from dandruff to sticky dirt and gives long lasting vitality and protection. And it contains Tea Tree Oil, an anti-infective, antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal ingredient; It protects the scalp from dandruff and any kind of infection.




This shampoo also contains sodium chloride, which is effective in cleansing the scalp. There is also sodium salicylate, which eliminates the problem of excessive dryness of the scalp, keeping its moisture level just right. This shampoo also contains shea seed oil, sunflower oil, mycelium water and mint.


Salt cleanses the dead cells of the scalp

Salt Cleanses Dead Cells: They Winstead,

These natural ingredients repel dandruff as well as nourish the hair. Protein-rich shea seed oil softens and smoothes hair by maintaining the moisture of the scalp and giving it a natural volume by accelerating its growth. So to prevent and cure dandruff and protect the health of hair, you can easily choose the new Clear Hijab Pure Antidandruff and Antilimp Shampoo.