May 8, 2021


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Bollywood is teaching new styles of short hair

The world of entertainment seems to be the main catalyst for the introduction of new styles. Fashion conscious people keep an eye on the fashion icons of the entertainment world to know what new trends are going to come in the current fashion.

Deepika’s short hair style
Deepika’s short hair style
Bollywood fashion icons are now teaching new styles for short hair as well. Still, many people may prefer big haircuts, but they are also indicating that short haircuts will be the top choice of many people now. We can easily follow this trend. Because, in the scorching heat of Boishakh, what else can be a relief from short hair! You don’t have to worry about extra trouble, you don’t need extra care.


Many people have styled long hair after seeing the fashion icons of Bollywood, now you can choose short hair style to follow them. Be it Alia Bhatt’s random short hair or Deepika Padukone’s stylish bangs. You can experiment with your own hair and keep pace with new trends.

Alia Bhatt’s random short hair style
Alia Bhatt’s random short hair style
If you can adapt to your face and personality, you can choose Alia Bhatt’s short hair style. In the case of this hairstyle, there is not much opportunity to do. Maybe stuck with a punch clip, that’s all. But Alia Bhatt is showing a new path. Has anyone ever thought that even a messy short hair can have a natural but very stylish look? This look does not need to be used for any type of hair. If you want you can leave the hair on one side. If you want, you can make it a little curly like Alia.

If you don’t like this style, you can look at Deepika’s short hair. Many people can’t think of sticking their short hair in a tangle.

Deepika’s short hair is a low bang
Deepika’s short hair is a low bang
Who better than Deepika, the heroine of ‘Bajirao Mastani’, to bring a stylish look even in such a low bang with her short hair? If you want to bring a little casual look to your look, you can leave a few bunches of hair on the front. Busy.


Bangs with short hair! No wonder. This cut is no longer just for long hair. Bollywood’s ‘Kabil’ daughter Yami Gautam is showing that trend. When you see him, you will think, hey, I wanted such a look this summer.

Yami’s look
Banging in front, Yami left the rest of her hair behind her ears. That’s where a neat look came from. If you want, you can choose some interesting hair clips to make yourself more lively.

You can also decide to curl your short hair if you follow Sayani Gupta. Sayani likes to experiment with her hair again and again.

Sayani Gupta has been seen cutting different types of hair at different times
Sayani Gupta has been seen cutting different types of hair at different times
He has been seen cutting different types of hair at different times. The beauty of her curly hair can be understood by looking at her. You can draw everyone’s attention to yourself just by curling your hair.

However, if you do not want to go to any trouble, keeping short hair in general can be a good solution. You can see the style of another Bollywood actress Prachi Desai. It seems to be the same thing as ‘extraordinary in general’. There is no substitute for straight hair to attract attention. If you want to arrange this kind of hair, you can take the help of some small accessories. That could be a smooth hairband. If you choose to match with yourself.

The style of Prachi Desai can be followed
Bollywood celebrities must have got the idea of ​​trendy short hair style. Now cut your hair in harmony with your face and personality. Then stand out from the crowd.