May 16, 2021


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The demand for washing machines is increasing

Like the rest of the world, Bangladesh has also been hit by the second wave of Corona. The number of corona infections is increasing at a mathematical rate. Life is not stopping even in this epidemic. Office-court is going on. Even in Corona, Nilufar Yasmin has to go out every day for office needs.

Samsung washing machine skin wash system ensures sterile cleaning of clothes
Samsung washing machine skin wash system ensures sterile cleaning of clothes
Housemaid Aklima Begum (pseudonym) has gone to her village home due to the second wave of Corona Atimari. So the employee Nilufar Yasmin has to handle all the household chores. Nilufar Yasmin is tired at the end of the day at office and home work. There is the problem of washing clothes again. Clothes need to be cleaned every day to get rid of coronavirus.

Demand is rising
Most people think that washing machines cost a lot more. And if you use a washing machine, the electricity bill is much higher. But Samsung has proved this idea wrong. The demand for washing machines was relatively high among the buyers. Corona has grown even more in the past. And those who work, they have no words. To survive coronavirus, you need to be clean. Many people do not get to wash clothes in the original way for a long time after coming from the office. So the name of the trust is washing machine. Because, washing machine can clean a lot of clothes in a short time.

The demand for washing machines is increasing
Buyers are watching
The design of Samsung’s washing machine is attractive and of high quality. As a result, it is the first choice of buyers. There are affordable prices, high quality and installment benefits that make them work better in washing machines. Buyers are likely to call everyone who looks appropriate, if there are only a few. Buyers are likely to call everyone who looks appropriate, if there are only a few. They also look at how many years of after-sales service a washing machine provides. Samsung’s washing machine has several advantages that no other washing machine has. Such as:

Ad wash: The machine’s bicycle is running. Suddenly it seemed that no clothes were given! What to do then? Samsung washing machine has come up with the facility to add new clothes while washing clothes. By using this method or ad wash facility you can pay for washing new clothes while washing clothes. At the same time you can add detergent. This feature is not available in any other washing machine.

Diamond Gram: Many times when cleaning clothes in the washing machine, there are many problems including tearing, sticking, discoloration. Many people are worried about this. No one wants to ruin a favorite outfit. But as a result of Diamond Gram technology in Samsung’s washing machine, your clothes will be like new and there will be no damage to the clothes.

Skin wash: If Corona goes out of the house excessively, there is a risk of getting a droplet of virus on the clothes. If you clean the clothes in a normal way, the virus stays with you for a long time. But if you clean the clothes through the skin wash of Samsung washing machine, there are no viruses or germs. This allows the clothes to be free of bacteria or covid germs instantly.


Where to get
Washing machines are available at Transcom Electronics Limited, ACL, Rangs Electronics, Electra. Because of Corona, you can also order online from home by visiting the websites of the mentioned organizations.