May 17, 2021


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Extra skin care using masks

If you wear a mask properly, it will be pressed on the nose and face. As a result, the air in the face does not feel right. The temperature and humidity of this part of the mouth increases. After some time of using the mask again, the face starts to feel hot and wet. Then heat and sweat react together on the skin. This can lead to problems such as acne, skin discoloration, blemishes or trauma.

In addition, a large part of the day after the mask is not enough oxygen to reach the skin. Sharmin Kochi, the owner of Bindia Exclusive Beauty Parlor, said that the skin cells are closed and bacteria are born there.

There is no substitute for wearing a mask for health protection. However, many options can be used to solve skin problems. Specific solutions can be chosen depending on the different skin types, problems and the timing of wearing the mask. Cosmetologist Sharmin Kochi has given some essential tips that will keep the skin healthy.

Use of moisturizer
The face must be cleansed at least twice a day with cleanser or facewash and wiped well and moisturizer should be applied. For those whose skin is dry, they can use a creamy moisturizer. Lotion moisturizer for normal skin and gel moisturizer for oily skin will work well.

Moisturizer should be given to the face before wearing the mask
Moisturizer on face before wearing mask: Sora Shimakazi,
Use sunscreen
Although the mask covers most of the face, it is important to use sunscreen before leaving the house. In this case, it is important to choose sunscreen that contains minerals and water.


Use sandalwood
Covering the face with a mask causes a lot of sweating. The result is acne and pain. In this case, you can get comfort by applying sandalwood. However, if necessary, a doctor’s advice should be taken.

It is important to use sunscreen before going out
It’s important to use sunscreen before going out: Sora Shimakazi,
Use aloe vera gel
If the skin is sensitive, using a mask can cause redness and rash on the skin. A lot of the time itching and as a result the skin also grows. This is because of the reaction of the skin with the ingredients of the mask. So when you return home, you have to take off your mask and wash your face with cold water. Using aloe vera gel on this skin will reduce the redness.

Special caution
Wet masks cause skin infections and inflammation. So you should keep two or three extra masks with you. And when the mask gets wet, you have to change it.

Moisturizer should be given to the face before wearing the mask. It protects the skin.

If you apply heavy makeup on the face after the mask, it can react with sweat. So makeup should be kept very light. In this case you need to use less foundation and compact.

You need to clean your face and use toner and moisturizer.

Makeup should be kept very light
Makeup should be kept very light: Cottonbro,
If the skin is very irritated or red, ice can be wrapped in a thin cloth. It will be comfortable.

When dead cells accumulate on the skin, it looks pale and dull. So it is necessary to exfoliate the face with home scrub at least twice a week.

Staying behind the mask for a long time can cause dry lips. So you have to apply lip balm on the lips.

It is better to wear a clean, dry, comfortable mask and not a rough and synthetic cloth mask.