May 17, 2021


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Health-friendly disinfectant

The incidence of coronavirus has increased again. For this reason, people are becoming more dependent on hand sanitizers and disinfectants. So the demand for these products in the market is now huge. Health experts are also advising everyone to use these chemical solutions frequently to keep them germ-free.

Since hand sanitizers and disinfectants are chemical solutions, there are also harmful aspects to overuse. It is important to be careful when using hand sanitizers and disinfectants.

Damage to the microbiome
Health-friendly disinfectant
Sanitizers are very effective in destroying bacteria. However, this chemical solution also destroys the beneficial bacteria for the body. This can lead to disruption of the levels of bacteria that are important for various processes in the body. The solution is to use standard and properly effective hand sanitizer and disinfectant. A completely alcohol-free multipurpose disinfectant meow made in Japanese technology can be helpful in this case.


The way Miuo works
Miu also works alcohol-free in the crowd of thousands of alcoholic disinfectants in the market. But how it happens can be known.

Health-friendly disinfectant
Miuo is an antiseptic and deodorant made entirely in Japanese formula; It contains wick acid hypochlorous solution, which has antiseptic power. It can carefully keep the skin or any other area 99.99 percent free of viruses, bacteria and fungus.

Health-friendly disinfectant
This alcohol-free disinfectant is a super-oxidized, pH-balanced, water-based solution that mixes sodium hypochlorite with water and food grade hydrochloric acid to keep the pH at 6 to 8. Blood white blood cells produce this hypochlorous acid inside our body to prevent various types of infections inside the body. This hypochlorous acid plays a special role in destroying germs by destroying the proteins inside the cells of various pathogens.

Water-safe miuo can be used on all types of skin, fabrics, leather, wood, stainless steel, chrome, glass, vinyl, porcelain, seamless plastic, enamel, tiles. It does not contain any harmful chemicals and does not have any side effects. It is a disinfectant solution without any preservatives, artificial odor and colorless, alcohol-free, non-flammable, rust-free and bleach-free.

Health-friendly disinfectant
Miu can also be used to keep germs and odors free in daily life. Hands, hair, face, skin, furniture, pillows, cushions, blankets, home and floor, bathroom and toilet, shaving equipment, kitchen sink, dishes, fridge, oven, fruit. , Vegetables, Raw Fish, Mobile Phones, Toys, Socks, Shoe & Shoe Boxes, Restaurants, Gymnasiums, Salons & Parlors, Doctors & Dentists Chambers, Hospitals, Medical Equipment, Hotels & Resorts, Kids Parks, Supershops, Shops, Shopping Mall, Food Preparation, Factory, Garment Factory, Public Toilet, Corporate Office, Work Desk, Learning Center, Hostel, Elevator, Bank, ATM Machine, Event & Fair, Vehicle, Airplane, Pets, Pet Sales, Slaughterhouses, zoos and other places.

Conservation and effectiveness
Health-friendly disinfectant
It is advisable to keep away from sunlight to keep the meow effective. It should be kept in a cool and dry place. Other than that, miu cannot be mixed with other chemicals or sanitizers. This may disrupt its performance. The maximum results can be obtained by using the meow bottle within 90 days of opening.