May 8, 2021


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Instructions to supply oxygen only to hospitals

The Department of Explosives has directed to stop the use and supply of oxygen to industrial establishments during the corona infection in the country and to supply oxygen only to hospitals.A letter signed by Explosives Inspector Abul Kalam Azad instructing the country’s five oxygen producers said that coronavirus infections have been on the rise recently. Hospitals / clinics in the country require rapid medical grade oxygen support due to reduced oxygen saturation in patients severely infected with the corona virus. In this situation the hospital / clinic is not getting medical oxygen as per the demand.

In this situation, it is necessary to increase the production of medical oxygen to ensure emergency health care and to maintain uninterrupted supply of oxygen to the hospital. Therefore, during the corona infection in the country, the use of oxygen in the industrial establishments was stopped and only the supply of oxygen to the hospitals was instructed

Actress Mausumi has recently been released from Corona. And when the news of his recovery from Corona was published, he was offered various jobs in the lockdown. But Mausumi has not returned to the shooting as the situation has not yet arisen to shoot according to the hygiene rules.

On Sunday, Mousumi came live on the Facebook page of a reputed jewelery company in the country and said that he had received offers to work on several Eid dramas before he was attacked by Corona. Although Mausumi has not been affected by Corona yet, he has not yet made any decision to work.

Asked whether he would return to work before Eid, Mausumi said, “After recovering from Corona, I am not yet fully recovered physically. The body is quite weak. But no shooting would seem to be done. Because in many ways I am aware that those who are shooting in this lockdown are not following the complete hygiene rules, except for a few.

It is to be mentioned that after the completion of the boy’s cabinet letter on the Independence Day on March 26, there was a domestic tuk-tuk, where the entire family of Mausumi participated. A few days later, his corona came positive. Leaving the son, daughter and son’s wife at home, he continued his treatment while sitting in the seasonal house. Last week, everyone in the family became tax-free.

Musician Farida Parveen returned home from the hospital yesterday (Tuesday). He was admitted to Universal Medical College Hospital in the capital on April 12 after contracting coronavirus. The legendary singer returned home with Corona’s treatment at the hospital for 7 days in a row. Complications that existed after Corona became positive are no longer present. Kidney problems are now under control. So the doctors at the hospital allowed him to take her home.

The managing director of the hospital. Ashish Kumar Chakraborty said, ‘Farida Parveen is much healthier now. Corona no longer has any symptoms. His oxygen levels are also normal. However, his corona result is still positive. In this case, he will be in isolation from home. Hopefully, he will return to normal life very soon. ‘

Farida Parveen had a fever and whooping cough at the end of last month. Test the sample more than once for coronary symptoms. Twice the result is negative. Farida Parveen’s corona was last identified on April 6. He was treated at home for a few days as per the doctor’s advice but was later admitted to the hospital. In addition to coronary infections, he has long suffered from thyroid complications, including kidney complications, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

Farida Parveen has gained fame in the country and abroad by singing Lalon’s songs. He was born on 31 December 1954 in Shaol village of Singra police station in Natore district. Although he was born in Natore, he grew up in Kushtia. Nazrul started singing in 1986 as a listed artist of Rajshahi Betar. Later, in 1973, he gained popularity by singing patriotic songs. Farida Parveen Lalon took music training from the devotee Moksed Ali Shah.

In 197, Farida Parveen received the Ekushey Padak for her special contribution to the music industry. He also received the Fukuoka Asian Culture Award from the Japanese government in 2006. She also won the National Film Award for Best Playback Singer in 1993.