May 17, 2021


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Three arbitrators are in jail on charges of adultery

In Madaripur’s Rajoir upazila, the local arbitrators have beaten up the alleged brothers and sisters with 100 shoes each. Later they were taken around the area wearing shoelaces. The matter spread on social media Facebook on Tuesday.

Three arbitrators were arrested last Sunday on charges of involvement in the incident. They were later sent to jail through the court.

Speaking to police and some residents of the area, it is learned that a 40-year-old man from Sadar Upazila was branded a ‘brother of religion’ by the wife of a 50-year-old man from Bajitpur Union in Rajoir Upazila. Later, they used to come and go to both their houses as ‘religious brothers and sisters’. The brother came to Dharma’s sister’s house on April 19 at around 9 am. The sister’s husband was not at home that day. Shortly after the brother came to the sister’s house, 8-10 people including Kalu Fakir, Imran Fakir, Shakib Akon, Rana Fakir, Shamim Fakir of the same house dragged the brother and sister out of the house. Later they tied up the brothers and sisters. At one stage an arbitrator was placed in the backyard. In the arbitration, the Matbars did not listen to anyone and gave their verdict as they wished. In the verdict, the two were threatened to walk around the area wearing 100 pairs of shoes, shoelaces and to lock the sister’s house and expel her from the area and threatened to expel her from the society. However, soon after the verdict was announced, Imran Fakir, Kalu Fakir, Azizul and 8-10 locals gave 100 houses to the two with shoes. Later, they were surrounded by shoelaces. At the same time, the woman’s house was locked and she was taken out of the area. Curious crowds have just witnessed this inhuman and disgusting incident. But no one dared to protest for fear of arbitrators and matabars.

The victim’s husband filed a case against 8-10 people including Kalu Fakir, Imran Fakir and Shamim Fakir at the Rajoir police station on Saturday night. Police on Sunday arrested Kalu Fakir, Azizul Fakir and Shakib Akon on charges of involvement in the incident. They were later sent to jail through the court.

The victim said, “They forced me and my brother to build a 100-shoe house in front of everyone in Bainda village, and walked around the village wearing shoelaces.” My house is locked again. Here we are without fear of Ogo village. I could not go to my house for fear of them. Is this what they are threatening to do outside our society? Does Archie want to live after this humiliation? ‘

The woman’s husband said, “I have been living with my wife for 36 years. I knew beforehand if his character was bad. If my wife had committed a crime, I would have judged. Why did they walk around the area wearing shoes and garlands on my wife and my relatives? Amago is threatening to expel us, we can’t do anything for fear. We have children, we married them. There are grandchildren. How do we show people the face. I want justice. ”

Tara Mia Bepari, a member of the local union council, said, ‘Brothers and sisters of religion are put on a mock arbitration in the name of so-called justice. Kalu Fakir, Imran Fakir, Shamim Fakir and Rana Fakir announced the verdict as they wished without hearing anything from the woman in the arbitration. We demand appropriate punishment for the insult done to the woman and her religious brother in the alleged trial. ‘

Rajouri Police Officer (OC) Sheikh Mohammad. Sadiq said, “As soon as we heard the incident, we took up the case. Within a day, three people, including Kalu Fakir, were arrested. Everyone else involved in the incident will be brought to justice. ‘