May 17, 2021


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Exciting information on Mamunul’s mobile phone!

Hefazat leader Mamunul Haque was arrested from Jamia Rahmania Arabia Madrasa in the capital’s Mohammadpur on April 18, but his mobile phone could not be seized at the time. Police have been saying from the beginning that there are many clues hidden inside Mamunul’s phone. If it is recovered, a lot of new information will come to the fore. Police finally recovered his hidden phone. It is being sent for forensic examination after being recovered from a room of a madrasa in Mohammadpur. In the meantime, from his messenger and chatting list of WhatsApp, he has received information that he has received lakhs of rupees from various sources in the country and abroad.

According to the police, crores of rupees have been transacted in Mamunul Haque’s bank. Mamunul has brought crores of rupees from the Middle East in the name of Islam in the education and custody of students of Babri Masjid, Qawmi Madrasa in India. That money is being spent on various extremist subversive activities.

The money would reach him through mobile banking and conventional bank account numbers. Mamunul has built ‘Babri Mosque’ in Dhaka. There is also evidence of money being brought from Qatar, Dubai and Pakistan in the name of this mosque. After checking the information in Mamunul’s mobile phone, these sensational information were found. Investigators have hinted that Mamunul’s phone, like that of ‘child speaker’ Rafiqul Islam Madani, also found something surprising.

Tejgaon Division DC Harun Aur Rashid, the investigating officer of the case, said, “Mamunul was found with his phone at one stage of interrogation. The phone is being tested after being recovered from the madrasa. We have received huge amount of money from many sources over the phone. CID and Bangladesh Bank will look into its finances in more detail.

Mamunul’s real character was revealed through one phone conversation after another after the Narayanganj resort incident. At that time, the policy makers of the police expressed their dissatisfaction over the kidnapping of Mamunul. They think that if his mobile phone had been seized then more information would have come to light.

Meanwhile, the Dhaka Metropolitan Magistrate’s Court on Monday granted Mamunul another seven days’ remand in two sabotage cases after a seven-day remand in the Mohammadpur police station for assault and theft. His interrogation continues in the custody of the Detective Branch (DB).

According to court sources, the investigation officer applied for remand of Mamunul for 10 days and 20 days, citing a case filed by Motijheel police in connection with the Hifazat violence at Shapla Chattar in 2013 and two cases related to Hifazat violence at Baitul Mukarram on March 26 this year. Habib and Central Assistant Secretary General Maulana Jalal Uddin Ahmed were remanded in the same case. The court of Dhaka Metropolitan Magistrate Sadbir Yasir Ahsan Chowdhury remanded Habib and Mamunul for seven days. The court granted a six-day remand to Jalal Uddin Ahmed. The court granted a three-day remand to Junaid Al Habib in another case at Paltan Police Station yesterday.

According to DB sources, Mamunul’s activities for political purposes and Jamaat connections have been found. For this reason, his motive in sabotage and who is behind it is being investigated. Mamunul planned the sabotage by bringing together people of anti-India ideology and people of anti-government parties. His aim was to frustrate the birth centenary of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and the golden jubilee of independence. That is why Modi brought the issue to the fore as he was involved in the persecution of Muslims in India. In response to this issue, he planned to have a ‘big movement’ with some political leaders in the country. They had the idea that if the situation like 2013 was created, another party would be able to come to power by overthrowing the government. Mamunul believed that nothing would happen to him as he was an influential leader of Hefazat. For this reason, he continued to give provocative speeches. At first he started opposing the sculpture of Bangabandhu as an idol. Later he raised anti-Modi slogans. Detectives have started investigating Mamunul’s sabotage plan as well as his financial corruption. The source of the money used in his sabotage is being traced. Initially, crores of rupees were transacted through his bank and bKash accounts.