May 8, 2021


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Cane house if you do not wear a mask! The lockdown lasted a week

Everyone knows that wearing a mask can prevent coronavirus infection. But from now on, the mask will also stop the police ‘cane house’. Outside the house, the government is thinking of imposing such a provision to ensure a mask on everyone’s face in public places. Concerned people say that people are not going to wear masks just to talk about awareness. But in the current situation, there is no alternative to wearing a mask. So the issue of punishment for not wearing a mask is being seriously considered. In this case the provision of cane house may be imposed. The final decision in this regard may come soon.

Meanwhile, the government has decided to extend the ongoing ban for another week by keeping the shops open. The government has backtracked on the decision to open public transport in the last few days due to the Indian variant of the coronavirus. Public transport is not opening at the moment. Doubts have also been raised about whether it will open before Eid.

The decision to extend the lockdown was taken at a high-level meeting of the government chaired by Cabinet Secretary Khandaker Anwarul Islam on Monday. The meeting discussed how to ensure the wearing of masks. What is the immediate punishment for not wearing a mask? Then someone proposed a cane house. But under the existing law, there is no opportunity to give a cane house. In view of this, another negotiator suggested creating legal opportunities if necessary. “In the current situation, there is no chance to look back,” he said. People are not going to wear masks just to talk about awareness, nor will they. We have to wear masks as much as we say in public, but people are not obeying it. So the issue of punishment has to be taken seriously. ‘

In this context, several sources in the meeting said that they are considering how to bring the issue of cane house in the legal framework.

A senior government official told Kaler Kanth that a small meeting could be held on Tuesday. It will seek a high-level government approval to find a legal solution to the issue. Once approval is received, steps will be taken to implement it expeditiously.

It is known that the law of whipping was at a stage in the British period. It was later canceled. When it comes to punishing people, that punishment has a legal basis. Different laws of Bangladesh provide for different types of punishment. The Penal Code contains the major issues of important legal punishment in various matters. But the Penal Code does not provide for whipping. Supreme Court lawyer and constitutional expert Arif Khan thinks a new law should be enacted to punish whipping.

“Any punishment is a matter of fundamental decision,” he told Kaler Kanth. It cannot be done with any order or notification. The government may legislate or issue an ordinance to legitimize it. ‘

According to Cabinet sources, a law called the Whipping (Whip) Act of 1909 is still in force. But the law mentions what crimes can be punished by flogging. So the people concerned do not think that it can be used for wearing a mask.

A person present at the meeting told Kaler Kanth on condition of anonymity that the provision of cane house may also be added by amending the Infectious Diseases Control Act.

On the other hand, State Minister for Public Administration Farhad Hossain told reporters that the office-court and public transport would be closed during this time. However, the shopping mall will remain open till 8 pm. In the case of hotels and restaurants, the previous rules will remain in force. In the case of aviation, the previous decision will remain the same.

According to meeting sources, the Cabinet Division had given permission to open shops and shopping malls from 10 am to 5 pm. But the question arises as to how the DMP extended that decision. At the same time, according to the labor law, the shopping mall is open till 8 pm, so there is no legal basis for the announcement, said an official. In view of this, it was done till 8 o’clock instead of 9 o’clock at that time.

During the meeting, the DG of the Department of Health argued for increasing the lockdown by emphasizing the issue of Indian infection. Everyone took the matter into consideration and decided. Despite announcing a strict lockdown, the shopping mall has already reopened since last Sunday. Domestic aircraft have been launched. Some special flights have also been launched on international routes. However, public transport, long-distance vehicles and boats are closed.