May 16, 2021


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The government is taking advantage by creating a ‘crisis’

Opposition leaders believe that the government is taking advantage of the crisis in Hefazat-e-Islam Bangladesh. Commenting on what has happened, he said, “Now there is no benefit in blaming others.” The response came after talking to leaders of the BNP, Jatiya Party and the Left Democratic Alliance on Monday.

Hefazat-e-Islam Bangladesh, a non-political organization based in Qaumi Madrasa, has been staging protests and strikes over the visit of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who was invited to mark the golden jubilee of independence and the birth centenary of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. At least 18 people were killed in police firing during violence in Chittagong’s Hathazari and Brahmanbaria. After that the government took a strong stand against Hefazat. More than 400 people, including several Hefazat leaders, have been arrested. Hefazat has already been forced to accept a kind of compromise by trying to reach a compromise with the government.

BNP will not take the side of Hefazat: The government has a kind of sympathy for Hefazat at this time of conflict with the government and mass arrests of the leaders of the organization. But the party will not take a direct political stand even in the situation that has arisen. However, the BNP will continue to criticize the government by adopting the strategy. It is learned that BNP is not supporting the activities of some leaders of Hefazat including Mamunul Haque.

After the arrest of Hefazat leaders, the police said that like in 2013, Hefazat has conspired with various political parties to overthrow the government.

When asked, BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir told Kaler Kanth, “The BNP has nothing to do with the recent incidents centered on Hefazat.” There is no question of staying. ‘He said,’ But we condemn the mass arrest of the country’s scholars and ulama. We have also condemned the killing of people in Chittagong and Brahmanbaria earlier. ‘

It has been learned that although there is contact with the leaders and activists of Hefazat at the field level, the BNP is not keeping in touch with the top leaders of Hefazat for strategic reasons. But inside, the party is somewhat sympathetic to custody. The BNP is also happy with the government’s custody dispute. Because the BNP thinks that no matter how much the government tries to control or benefit, Hefazat will never be with the Awami League in the end. Even if the leadership changes, the field level leaders and workers will remain against the government except for some leaders of the upper structure. The BNP believes that they will take the field against the government whenever any special situation arises. The BNP thinks that the arrest of Hefazat leaders and the anger of the leaders and activists of the organization against the government will increase.

Asked by reporters at a virtual press conference yesterday afternoon about the reaction to the dissolution of the Hifazat committee, the BNP secretary general said, “As a political party, we think the whole thing is a government creation. The government has created the whole crisis with custody, they are taking advantage by creating this crisis; Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation. You see, there have been numerous cases against our leaders and activists, where the BNP is in no way involved in these incidents. ‘

In front of the National Mosque at Baitul Mukarram in Dhaka on March 26, Fakhrul said of the incidents of sabotage in Brahmanbaria and Chittagong, “We have protested, that protest is against killing people and that is our fundamental rights.” Today lies are being spread, propaganda is being run. Awami League General Secretary and Bridges Minister Obaidul Quader Saheb and Information Minister Hasan Mahmud Saheb are spreading fiction. The BNP is not involved in any of those activities.

A. Japa blames JPA: Opposition Jatiya Party (JPA) general secretary Zia Uddin Ahmed Bablu told Kaler Kanth, “The Jatiya Party never supports any violence. As such, there is no reason to support the sabotage of Hefazat. One thing is clear, the Awami League has brought Hefazat so far by indulging. They are responsible for this. If you nurture it, it will come to mind. There is no point in blaming others for this. ‘

The government has resorted to subterfuge: Bazlur Rashid Firoz, coordinator of the Left Democratic Alliance and central leader of the BJP, said the crisis was escalating due to the use of religion in politics and patronage of fundamentalists. He said that in 2013, Ganajagaran Mancha started a movement to implement the verdict of war criminals. He then demanded the trial of all war criminals, the confiscation of their financial institutions and the banning of religious political parties. But organizations like Hefazat are patronized by the government. As a result, they opposed Lalon’s sculpture, the High Court’s sculpture, and even Bangabandhu’s sculpture. Even the sculpture of Bangabandhu has been vandalized. That’s what happens when Kalsap is fed with milk and banana.

Communist Party of Bangladesh (CPB) General Secretary. Shah Alam said the government has resorted to political maneuvering through custody. Through this the defeat of the country has been called.

Saiful Haque, general secretary of the Revolutionary Workers Party, said the government was pursuing a suicidal path to expose evil forces like Hefazat. Instead of dealing with them ideologically, socially and politically, the government is fueling their activities through repression.