May 16, 2021


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Now I can only say dialogue

Before the lockdown, actress Tarin Jahan has finished the work of Eid serial fairy tale. He has recently acted in a BTV drama with Zahid Hasan. Has worked in a movie in West Bengal, India. Talked to him about work and other issues.

Last shot was in the play ‘Roopkatha’, what kind of character will you be seen in it?

The story of the play is centered on a girl named Rupakatha. My six senses are strong. My loved one was lost many years ago. I still smell the body of my favorite person around. The story progresses through some mysterious events.

Are you shooting now?

Not doing at the moment. I’m at home now. Slightly ill.

What happened?

I took the second dose of Ticker. Maybe some side effects. Feeling mild fever, much better now.

What do you think most about the second wave of corona?

We have lost many good people. It is easy for a person to grow up, but it is difficult to grow up to be a good person. It feels very bad when those people like the banyan tree go to Corona without the knowledge of some people. This unexpected death cannot be accepted. I will tell everyone, be a little aware. Awaken the conscience.


I heard that he worked with Zahid Hasan in BTV series.

We have acted in many package plays together. We are the artists of BTV. But no BTV series has been acted together. Many experienced artists are working together under the direction of Zahid Hasan. Having new experiences. I am also happy with the work. Shooting is off for now.

Can you tell the difference between the drama of that time and the drama of today?

There are some differences. Earlier we used to rehearse for three or four days before shooting a drama. Everyone lived, including the manufacturer. The level of acting could be understood. Then who would wear what costume, who would be playing what character, they would have known in advance. It would have been an advantage. Everyone was already in the character. Acting was a place of passion then. Now everyone has become much more professional. Where there is a lack of love for drama. Daisara is more work. Now there is a lot of rush at work, just to say dialogue. It doesn’t matter if you have emotions before or after.

The audience liked the dramas of the past, why?

Story! The acting was good. All the characters in the rehearsal were known in advance. Everyone’s acting level could be understood. If everyone from Lightman to Cameraman sincerely did their job. For this, many simple works are also ingrained in the minds of the visitors. Everyone’s involvement is a good thing. That is why the audience liked the plays. It would have been nice to work for this before. The teams were like a family. Now that not everyone is involved, even good stories get spoiled from time to time. There is competition over who can finish first. I can’t work if everything doesn’t match.

Do you act without a screenplay?

I can’t go to the shooting set without the screenplay. I should have known what role I was playing. I need a mental preparation for that. What I am not, I have to play that character in front of the camera. The character will match any one of the viewers. Visitors will find similarities with that character through me. It is not an easy task. Now it is seen that many people go for shooting without screenplay. I may not be as talented as them.


I heard during the shooting, the father took the news? He is gone!

As long as my dad was healthy, he knew where I was shooting. Dad used to think. I would say that before going to the shooting for him. At 10 o’clock at night, my father would call and say, Mom, when will you come, will it be late? When Dad got sick, I started to miss Dad’s phone. Dad didn’t sleep until I got home. Now the mind seems restless for the father. I will request everyone, parents, give time to the family.

What is the status of Kolkata cinema?

The shooting ended last year. I will go for dubbing only when the situation is good.