May 8, 2021


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Little Liza with the oxygen cylinder as soon as the call came

Liza Hossain’s ears have to be kept up all the time. It is not clear when the call will be made. You have to get out with the scooter as soon as you get the telephone The oxygen cylinder should be tied to the scooter and delivered to the home of the patient infected with the coronavirus. Explain not only about delivery, but also about its use. If someone dies in Corona or does not want to use the cylinder again, he has to do the job of bringing back that cylinder.

In the last few days, women bike rider Liza Hossain has delivered cylinders to Demra, Kawla, Mirpur, Bashundhara, Hatirjheel, Green Road, Mirpur, Pallabi and other places in the capital. He is not getting any monthly salary for this work. After delivering the cylinder, you are getting maximum 300 rupees according to the distance. With this, she took the helm of the world with her husband. Because in Corona, her husband’s salary has also come down by half.

Liza has been working as a female rider at Oxygen Bank since last year, an initiative of the non-governmental organization Pay It Forward Bangladesh and the Foundation for People. The two organizations provide scholarships in higher education to poor meritorious students. Those who come forward to help students are called guardians, not donors. The two organizations last year distributed corona protective clothing PPE free of charge.
When the two organizations saw that people were dying due to lack of oxygen in Corona. Again, some people are leaving oxygen cylinders at home even if they don’t need them or if they need to, so the two organizations call on people to submit the cylinders to their Facebook groups and pages. It is also confirmed that the cylinders will be returned if they need them. The cylinder will be deposited in the bank. He will take whatever he needs and return it to Oxygen Bank at the end of the need. The journey of Oxygen Bank started in Tejgaon of the capital last year after getting from people, buying something and various organizations came forward.

I know work. I want to work and eat. No one can say I’m lazy.
Liza Hossain
Last year, people in 21 districts, including Dhaka, received free services from Oxygen Bank. However, from April 1, the refill charge for the cylinder is Tk 500 and if it is delivered to the house, the maximum fare is Tk 300 depending on the distance. Bike riders are getting the rent money. Two people including Liza Hossain are working in Dhaka. However, Liza is the only woman among the riders in the country.


At present the activities of Oxygen Bank have to be shifted from Tejgaon. Fazle Mahmood, a parent and co-ordinator of the Foundation for the People, gave up part of his factory to the bank last year. Moniruzzaman Siddiqui, director of Mohammadpur Fertility Services and Training Center and 100-bed Maternal and Child Health Hospital, has come forward in this work. Oxygen cylinders have been kept in the garage of the hospital. Liza Hossain is taking it home from there.

Fazle Mahmood, co-ordinator of Oxygen Bank, said that an average of 60 to 70 oxygen cylinders are being used daily in Dhaka due to the increase in corona outbreaks. Riders are delivering cylinders to their homes due to human traffic problems in the lockdown. If they are near the house, they are coming and taking it themselves.

Before hiring Liza Hossain as a rider, the people involved in the management of the two organizations thought about her safety. Iqbal Hossain Bhuiyan, co-ordinator of Pay It Forward Bangladesh, said that an announcement was made that Facebook would need a rider once the lockdown started in the country. The first contact was made by Liza Hossain. In the current situation as a woman, she was hesitant about whether she could do the risky job. However, he is performing his duties well. He is appearing as soon as he gets the phone. There is not much respect in that sense for this work. “We have learned about Liza Hossain’s family problems,” he said. He is also thinking about how to help him a little more. Everyone is feeling comfortable in the house to protect themselves, Liza Apa is running with oxygen cylinder in that place. We are grateful to him. ”

Iqbal Hossain Bhuiyan said Moniruzzaman Siddiqui, director of Mohammadpur Fertility Services and Training Center and 100-bed Maternal and Child Health Hospital, had provided space to keep the oxygen cylinders. At the same time, an expert team of five doctors from the ICU department of the hospital has been formed. The members of this team are using telemedicine to see how many liters of oxygen the patient needs.

Talked to Liza Hossain on Friday afternoon. At that time the process of making his identity card was going on. He was working with a written permit from Oxygen Bank. He said he lost his job in Corona and lost his way. At this time he got the job of Oxygen Bank. On the one hand you are able to benefit the people, on the other hand some money is also being provided.

Although Liza studied, she could not pass the SSC exam in the end. He bought a scooter himself. Liza has worked as a rider for ride sharing company Ovier and Sister Services and Uber. However, he stopped working in Corona. Earlier, a company used to help female expatriates in medical tests. He also lost his job in Corona.

Liza lives in Mohakhali with her two children and husband. The husband is the driver of a residential hotel in Gulshan. His salary in Corona has been halved. The 20-22 year old boy used to work, but he also lost his job in Corona. Liza’s other child is six years old. The family of four is running in Tenetun with the husband and his money.