May 16, 2021


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Retired office assistants share the allotment of mosques and madrasas

The last two months of the service. Yet he did not leave the responsibility. Sitting in his chair, he is running a bribe trade in the existing Tabiat. He is also allocating money for the allocation of mosques and madrasas. It doesn’t matter if it is a religious institution or something else. He cut 30 to 45 percent of the allocation with his own hands. There are various excuses for this.

Shamsul Haque (60) is behind this bribery trade. He is a retired office assistant and computer typist in the office of Rangabali Upazila Project Implementation Officer (PIO) in Patuakhali.

It is learned that his service ended on February 2 this year. But he did not leave the office. Sitting at his chair-table, he is trading bribes.

There are allegations that the file of the PIO office will not move if Shamsul is not given money. He can fulfill the impossible only if his demand is met. This reporter of Jugantar started investigating the activities of Shamsul Haque. And this search comes out with sensational information.

According to the investigation, Shamsul deducted 30 to 45 per cent of the allocation from each project on the pretext of accounting office, stamp, resolution and office expenses. As a result, the project president and those concerned are facing difficulties in implementing the project.

According to the investigation, under the TR program, Tk 45,000 was allocated for the Jami Masjid repair project of Chatlakhali Gazi Ayazuddin Master Bari in Chhotbaishadia Union of the upazila. But the search revealed that they found 31 thousand.

Asked about this, Forkan Sikder, president of the mosque committee and project president, told Jugantar, “Take me to the office by phone. He cleared the account and gave me 31 thousand rupees. I asked, and money? He (Shamsul) said, it is the cost of our office. I’ll be back later. ‘

Is that just an event in a project? No, Jugantar does more research on this.

Visiting the PIO office on Monday afternoon, it was seen that retired office assistant Shamsul Haque was working at his desk.

At that time, Masud Rana, the president of the Maudubi Bhuiyakanda Jame Mosque Renovation Project, was arguing with Shamsul over the under-allocation.

When asked, Masud Rana said, “Shamsul, the assistant of the PIO office, gave me 21,000 rupees on Sunday.” But the allocation for the mosque was 36 thousand rupees. I wanted to know where 16 thousand rupees went? He says nothing to me, you go now, this money. When I informed the matter to PIO sir, today (Monday) he gave me back 12 thousand rupees. But the total allocation is Rs 4,000.

Talking to Sohail, project president of Sohail Dafadar Bari Mosque in Chhota Baishadia. “My mosque is allocated Rs 45,000,” he said. But he gave me 32,500 rupees. Later, after informing the PIO about who or what, Mr. Shamsul came to the market and paid another 8,500 rupees. Still, he kept Rs 4,000 for the cost. ‘

He said, ‘I went to the PIO office to fetch the allotted money and saw that 30% -45% of the others were leaving the money as they pleased. In this way, it will not be possible to work on the project with office money. ‘

According to the office of the Upazila Project Implementation Officer, in the second phase of the Infrastructure Maintenance (TR) program in the fiscal year 2020-21, Tk. Money is allocated.

The bribery transaction of Shamsul in the PIO office is open secret. Yet many are reluctant to open their mouths. Because then the file can be stuck on Shamsul’s table.

However, on condition of anonymity, a UP chairman said, “Shamsul is doing all this. We cannot speak against him. He is doing whatever he wants. ‘

On condition of anonymity, an executive of the PIO office said, “They give money, some money is kept by Masterroll.”

Shamsul Haque, an office assistant and computer typist in the retired PIO office, said, “Forgive me for God’s sake.” Tell the PIOR what to say. I’m sorry. Is there any benefit in talking to a limestone like me? ‘

If you want to know about the Upazila Project Implementation Officer. Humayun Kabir said, ‘There is no one to run the office at the moment. Mr. Shamsul has been kept till June. However, if he has done such activities in the office, action will be taken.