May 16, 2021


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All the various Iftars prevalent around the world


The most interesting thing in the month of Ramadan is Iftar. Everyone, young and old, enjoys Iftar at the end of Ramadan. In Bangladesh, there are various markets for Iftar, such as sitting in the market in various places and doing a lot of shopping. There are all kinds of Iftar rituals all over the world.

All the various Iftars prevalent around the world

Everyone knows the old tradition of selling Iftar in Chawkbazar of Bangladesh. Aligali is decorated with bahari iftar products ranging from fake kebabs, cotton kebabs to gram, onion, jillapi. Apart from this, iftar posara can be seen in small ranges everywhere.

Iftar is arranged at home. Apart from this, the most beautiful aspect of organizing Bangladeshi Iftar is to spread happiness by distributing Iftar among the neighbors. Many distribute Iftar in the mosque and among the distressed people with noble intentions.

The worshipers of Hyderabad started their Iftar with Halim
Hyderabad worshipers start their Iftar Halim Diyechabi: Unsplash
Despite being a Hindu-dominated country, India is not far behind in organizing Iftar. As part of the Mughal tradition and millennial culture, Iftar is also celebrated in India. From the distribution of Iftar items in the mosque to the Iftar gathering of thousands of devotees, the local Iftar posara — everything can be seen in India.
The worshipers of Hyderabad started their Iftar with Halim. The tradition of this Halim has now spread beyond the borders of Hyderabad. In addition, Jilapi has been a part of India’s traditional Iftar for many centuries.

Pakistan’s Iftar must be complete
Pakistan’s Iftar will have the whole picture: Wikipedia
In the Muslim-majority country of Pakistan, the main attraction of Iftar is a kind of samucha. Sometimes it is also called ‘Sambusa’. Basically the same size food is known by different names in different countries. Besides, Pakistanis have dates like other countries as a regular iftar. There are also a variety of puff pastry dishes made with meat and vegetables.

Like Bangladesh and India, Pakistan has a tradition of selling Iftar. Mainly in the subcontinent, the huge demand for roadside food shops has made these iftari sales popular.

Sri Lanka
In Sri Lanka, iftar at the end of Ramadan is very different and simple, but it ensures the nutritional needs of the whole day. Iftar starts with fresh fruit and syrup made from fruit juice. Then it is customary to eat light food one by one. Usually a kind of bread called Adik Roti is very popular in the list of Iftar. It is accompanied by a curry made of coconut milk, chilli and mint, each food is rich in nutrients and very useful.

Nan is most popular with sweet tea in Iftar in Iran. In addition, a kind of soup made by mixing vegetables and pulses with naan. In addition, various meat grills, firni and other sweet foods.

Jordan’s Iftar must have the traditional Mansaf
Jordan’s Iftar must have the traditional Mansaf image: Wikipedia
Jordan’s Iftar hosts must have their traditional food mansaf. This food is also their national food. In addition, yogurt, fruit and fruit juices, grilled lamb and in some cases buffet style iftar is organized, which includes a variety of Middle Eastern dishes. In addition, eating pancakes with honey, nuts and fruits is also seen in Jordan.

Lebanese food uses a different type of oil-salt. A variety of meat dishes, especially grilled, are especially popular in Lebanon. In addition, specially prepared bread and salad made with a mixture of vegetables and meat is an important part of Lebanese Iftar.

Egyptians have apricot juice in Iftar
Egyptians have apricot juice in Iftar: Wikipedia
Iftar in Egypt is organized in an interesting and tasteful way in the traditional Egyptian culture. One of the oldest Egyptian traditions is to break the fast together with many worshipers on the streets, which is currently stalled due to the epidemic. But we hope that next Ramadan, iftar in Egypt will be loud again.
Fruit juice is on the Iftar diet. The Egyptians basically dried apricot fruit and made it into juice and drank it at Iftar. It is as delicious as it is nutritious. In addition, different types of naan and bread and bean curry are very popular. Arab style desserts are more popular as a dessert.