May 17, 2021


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Passed school-college at the age of 12

Age only 12. At this age, he should be busy with sports and studies. But educational institutions are closed due to coronavirus. Even though the class is closed, it is still online. If this time passes through various problems, it has become a golden time for some people. At this time most of the students are bookish. Children are busy with mobile phones and games. Concerned parents. But 12-year-old Mike Weimer from North Carolina in the United States has used this time. During this time he has been sitting at home and taking extra classes for the last one year. Also got results. At the same time, he graduated from high school and college in one week.

According to CNN, the four-year school course lasts only one year. Corona did a two-year high school course and a two-year associate degree course during the epidemic. Mike Rowan will graduate from Cabars Community College on May 21. His GPA is 4. He will also receive a certificate from Concord Academy High School on May 26 after completing his studies in a week’s time. Here his GPA is 5.45.

But that was not Mike Weimer’s plan. She says it is possible to take multiple (double) classes at this time and she thinks it should be done.

Now Mike is a few years younger than his classmates. Weimer says he can get along well with them. He was nominated to the Homework Court last year. Weimer’s interest is in robotics. He is interested in mathematics and science. He always had a penchant for technology. There are still. Mike got his first iPad when he was just a year and a half old. She is surprised. It’s fun on the iPad. He wonders how the iPad works. In the meantime, he has launched his own website ‘Next Era Innovations’. That website talks about Mike, how he learned all about programming and robotics. At the same time, he has started his own startup, called ‘Reflect Social’. This startup knows how technology works in homework and helps others. Mike says, “My goal in becoming an entrepreneur is to create technology that can improve people’s lives and make them accustomed to a better life.” The 12-year-old’s parents say they are proud of their son. Mother Melissa Weimer said if a door in front of Eumer closes, she finds another way. Yet he will reach his goal.

And only a few days after graduation. Weimer said his goal now is to work on more new steps ahead.

Now, of course, Mike is having a good time. Everyone around is appreciative. Many people from home and abroad want to help his startup. Some people also want to give fellowship. But he doesn’t want so much for now. She wants people to know her as a child. Like other children, he wants to be involved in various sports including basketball. He says, ‘In many ways, I lost my childhood. I want to tell them, I have time to spend with the baby. I do that. ‘