May 8, 2021


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Approval of vaccine production in the country

The government had earlier taken a policy decision to import coronavirus vaccines from China and Russia as an alternative after India blocked the way for vaccine exports. Bangladesh has since signed an agreement with the two countries to jointly produce a coronavirus vaccine.

This time, the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs gave policy approval for the production of corona virus vaccine in Bangladesh by buying technology from Russia and China. Through which all the complications in the production of corona vaccine in these two countries were removed.

The proposal was approved at a virtual meeting of the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs chaired by Finance Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal on Wednesday (April 28th).

After the meeting, the finance minister told reporters, “Today’s meeting has decided on this (China and Russia’s vaccine production in the country). Later, the companies with which the two countries will have an agreement will start producing vaccines. However, we have approved it in today’s meeting. ‘

The meeting was attended by committee members, senior secretaries of cabinet departments, secretaries of concerned ministries and senior officials.

At the end of the meeting, the finance minister and additional secretary of the cabinet department highlighted various aspects of the approved proposals. Shahida Akhter.

Dr. Shahida Akhter said, ‘Today, the Ministry of Health had two proposals for the purchase of kits and health care equipment. As India has stopped exporting vaccines, today’s meeting with two companies from Russia and China to get vaccines from alternative sources has given policy approval to some Bangladeshi pharmaceutical companies to produce vaccines. However, it has not been decided yet which drug companies will produce the vaccine.

He added that discussions have been held with Russia and China on the production of corona vaccine in Bangladesh. How much money is involved in this matter will be known when the proposal comes to the procurement committee. Now only policy approval has been given. ‘

Asked if the two Russian and Chinese companies would produce the vaccine by bringing samples to Bangladeshi companies, he said, “We have had detailed discussions with the technical and advisory committee and our policy makers.” Only then has consent been given. Activities will start very soon. Both Bangladesh and China have agreed to produce it. It will be produced in Bangladesh as soon as possible. ‘In this regard, Finance Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal said,’ You know very well about the Ministry of Health. The Ministry of Health is slowly improving, we all have to admit it. There were two proposals today, one was to buy a vaccine. Vaccines should also be tried from our alternative sources. This does not mean that our first source has been canceled. But as an alternative we have to keep in mind all the time. “As an alternative, we are in talks with Russia’s Sputnik-V vaccine and China’s vaccine companies to take action.”

Other proposals approved at the meeting are:

* In response to the devastating second wave of Kovid-19 epidemic in Bangladesh, the Central Medical Stores Depot (CMSD) under the Department of Health Services has given policy approval to purchase RT-PCR test kits and PCR lab consumables directly from private companies.

* In response to the catastrophic second wave of the Kovid-19 epidemic in Bangladesh, policy approval has been given to purchase health care equipment and medical equipment directly from the private sector through the Central Medical Stores Depot (CMSD) under the Department of Health Services.

* In addition, under the Department of Secondary and Higher Education, ‘Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Maritime University, Establishment of Permanent Campus in Bangladesh’ project with additional land filling, construction of halls / residences / administrative buildings, other infrastructure and roads, etc. Done.

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