May 17, 2021


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Chances of precipitation, heat flow may decrease

The meteorological office said that the heat wave flowing over different parts of the country may decrease and there is a possibility of rain.

In addition, in some parts of the country, the weather may be mainly dry with temporary partial clouds.

According to a press release issued by the Meteorological Office today, mild to moderate heat wave is sweeping over Sitakunda, Rangamati, Comilla, Maijdicourt, Feni, Rajshahi and Pabna divisions including Dhaka, Rangpur, Khulna, Barisal and Sylhet divisions. Can

The weather forecast for the next 24 hours from 6 am on Wednesday said that there may be temporary gusts and thundershowers in Comilla and Kishoreganj districts, Rangpur, Mymensingh and two places in Sylhet division.

Daytime temperatures across the country may remain almost unchanged and nighttime temperatures may rise slightly. The forecast for the next 72 hours also states that there may be rain or thunderstorms at the beginning of this period.

The relative humidity in Dhaka was 85 percent at 8 am today.

Today the sunset in Dhaka is at 6:28 pm and tomorrow the sunrise in Dhaka is at 5:28 am.

The highest temperature in the country on Tuesday was 36.5 degrees Celsius in Srimangal.

Today, the lowest temperature in the country has been recorded in Sylhet at 22.6 degrees Celsius. The maximum temperature in Dhaka on Tuesday was 36 degrees Celsius and the minimum temperature in Dhaka today was 26.6 degrees Celsius.

The summary of the meteorological picture states that the increase in light pressure is located in West Bengal and adjoining areas. Robi Singhal, who was infected with coronavirus, breathed his last in an auto outside the hospital with his head on his wife’s lap. Millions of people have witnessed such a tragic incident of a wife trying to save her husband in love, despising her own life!

Corona’s terrible claws are going on all over the world. Millions of people are being infected every day. Thousands are dying. Oxygen is currently the most sought after solution in the world. Corona sufferers are unable to breathe normally from nature at one stage. Depending on the artificial respiration. He is the golden deer that is also oxygen. Even if there is money, oxygen is not available for the needs of life. So, will your loved one leave without being able to breathe in front of your eyes? How can someone else tolerate that! And if the relationship between the two people is husband and wife!

The world has seen such a picture recently. A wife is rushing to the hospital with her beloved husband for treatment. On the way, her husband started having difficulty breathing. What to do next wife sitting! She put her mouth on her husband’s face like crazy and desperate to save him by breathing. She can’t save her husband even after her best efforts. Ravi Singhal, 48, fell to his death in his car. The sad picture of saving her husband by breathing through her mouth went viral in the net world. Millions of people see the husband, the last attempt to love a wife! What could be a bigger human picture than this?

The case of Agra, India. Husband and wife Ravi Singhal and Renu Singhal live in Bikas Sector-6. Ravi Singhal, 48, was attacked by Corona. Shortly after being infected, he started having difficulty breathing. Wife Renu Singhal and her husband drove to Sarojini Naidu Medical College Hospital in an auto. Shortly after leaving the house, her husband’s condition deteriorated in the car. Wife Renu tried desperately to save him. At one stage, wife Renu put her mouth inside her husband’s mouth and started blowing air. You can’t keep your husband alive even in that. Robbie died of asphyxiation due to lack of oxygen in the car. Thanks to social media, this picture of Renu trying to save her global husband went viral.

The whole world, including the people of India, witnessed the death of a helpless patient suffering from corona. Desperate to save her husband’s life, Renu Singhal’s last attempt could not save her husband. She even tried to suffocate her husband by putting his mouth in his mouth without thinking that he was suffering from respiratory problems. But Ravi Singhal breathed his last in the car outside the hospital with his head on his wife’s lap. Millions of people around the world, including their hometown Agra, witnessed such a tragic incident of a wife saving her husband in love, despising her own life!

The love of a wife, the utmost effort to save the husband, the departure of the husband without caring about everything, I, you, we all witnessed such a humane event. This picture just reminded me that survival in life does not really depend on you or me. Inevitable death at birth. Creation of nature, nature will take its time-opportunity. We humans can do nothing. I’ll just look.

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