May 17, 2021


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Hefazat identified 313 financiers

Six crore rupees in Mamunul’s account Attempts to build Hefazat in the style of Pakistan’s Tehreek-e-Labbayak Counter Shafi Committee after Eid
313 people from home and abroad have given large sums of money to Hefazat-e-Islam. Some leaders including Maulana Mamunul Haque have spent this money on subversive activities. Mamunul also raised money for the establishment of Babri Mosque in Dhaka city. Six crore rupees has been found as his bank. Besides, he has transacted crores of rupees through bank accounts and mobile banking. For several years, extremist leaders, including Mamunul, tried to build Hefazat in the form of Pakistan’s Tehreek-e-Labbayik. Through this, they want to create a situation like Pakistan or Afghanistan in Bangladesh. Detectives (DB) investigators have provided this information.

Meanwhile, Mamunul’s alleged second wife Jannat Ara was rescued from DB by Mohammadpur area on Tuesday after his father’s general diary (GD) in search of Jharna. He is being interrogated in custody.

On the other hand, after the hasty dissolution of the Hefazat committee and the formation of the convening committee last Sunday night, various rumors are going on inside and outside the organization. The police are monitoring the new committee and its activities. Followers of former Amir Allama Ahmed Shafi are opposing the committee. The top leaders did not have any contact with them before and after the formation of the convening committee. Pro-Shafi leaders have announced to form a counter committee after Eid.

Additional Commissioner (DB) of Dhaka Metropolitan Police AKM Hafiz Akhter said 313 people have been identified as the providers of custody money. Mamunul Haque’s bank has received information of six crore rupees. He added that the plan was to remove former Amir Allama Shafi at the wedding of the son of Amir Junaid Babungari, the newly dissolved committee of Hefazat. A few leaders including Mamunul Haque and Junaid Al Habib met at the wedding ceremony. At that meeting, it was planned to remove Allama Shafi and make Babungari Amir.

Hefazat’s joint secretary general Mamunul Haque was arrested from Jamia Rahmania Madrasa in the capital’s Mohammadpur on April 18 and remanded in custody for seven days on charges of assault and theft. He was produced in court last Monday and remanded for seven more days in two other cases. At the same time, 14 other Hefazat leaders arrested in Dhaka are also in remand.

Investigating sources said that important information is being obtained by remanding the Hefazat leaders. They wanted to create a situation like Pakistan or Afghanistan in this country by forming Hefazat-e-Islam Bangladesh in the form of an organization called ‘Tehreek-e-Labbayik’ of Pakistan. Investigators also found connections between the militant group and Jamaat-e-Islam. Naib Amir Ahmad Abdul Quader, former president of Islami Chhatra Shibir, was arrested last Saturday. Most of the leaders of Hefazat-e-Islam are associated with Jamaat-e-Islami. Hefazat leader Mamunul Haque had planned to use the children of madrassas as a shield to overthrow the government and come to power. Money was also being spent on sabotage in the name of Qaumi Madrasa. Sources said that the details of the financiers will be collected and they will be investigated.

Meanwhile, DB police raided Mamunul’s sister Dilruba’s house in Mohammadpur yesterday and rescued his alleged second wife Jannat Ara Jharna. Jharna’s father Oliar Rahman lodged a GD with Kalabagan police station last Monday to rescue him. Earlier on April 11, Jharna’s eldest son Abdur Rahman lodged a GD with the Paltan Police Station seeking rescue of Jami’s mother. He is being questioned about holding the fountain after the rescue. After the resort incident on April 3, the phone conversation was published but the fountain was hidden. Relatives were alleging that Mamunul had kept him in a secret place. After his arrest, Mamunul said during interrogation that he had married Jharna as a witness according to Shariat, but there was no cabinet letter. The marriage was contractual. Jharna will not get the full rights of the wife even if she is given maintenance. Mamunul also admitted that he got married on another contract.

On the other hand, Hifazat could not reach the confidence of any quarters even though the convening committee was announced after the committee was dissolved after various pressures including arrest on Sunday night. Discussions are going on in different quarters about the next leadership and organization management. The recently departed Amir Junaid Babungari has included his group in the convening committee. As a result, followers of the late Amir Ahmed Shafi and deposed leaders are opposing the committee. Questions have also been raised about what a large-scale convener and full committee will look like. Although the committee was dissolved to exclude political leaders as a condition of the administration, the detectives are also looking at politics in the formation of the convening committee.

Maulana Moinuddin Ruhi, the joint secretary general of the committee during Allama Shafi’s time, said, “There was no committee that contained the principles of the organization. The formation of the committee was not discussed with the leaders following the founder Amir. So we will reform the previous committee and announce a new committee. This committee will be announced after Eid.