May 17, 2021


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Khaleda was admitted to the hospital for a health check-up

BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia has been admitted to Evercare Hospital in the capital with coronavirus. He was taken to the hospital from his residence Firoza in Gulshan around 9:30 pm on Tuesday for regular health check-ups including CT scans. He was admitted there for further examination on the advice of a doctor. BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir confirmed the news. He said Khaleda Zia’s condition is stable. He has been admitted to the hospital for further examination. BNP joint secretary general Mahbub Uddin Khokon said, he is a doctor of the cardiology department. Admitted under the supervision of Shahabuddin.

Khaleda Zia was accompanied by members of her medical team when she was taken to the hospital. Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir, Mahbub Uddin Khokon and some other leaders were present at the hospital.

Two days ago, Khaleda Zia’s medical team member said. FM Siddiqui told the media that Khaleda Zia was staying at her Gulshan residence after being released from BSMMU Hospital about a year ago. He has not been out for a year due to Corona. Now that he is on the way to recovering from corona positive, he will soon be taken to a hospital for some old tests.

Khaleda Zia was taken to the same hospital on April 15 for a CT scan. At that time, the CT scan report showed that Khaleda Zia had minimal infection in her lungs, the doctors said. After submitting the sample on April 10, Khaleda Zia’s corona came positive on April 11. After submitting the corona sample in the second phase, the result on April 25 also came positive.

The health minister warned the people that even if India stopped supplying oxygen, there was nothing to worry about. Oxygen management in Bangladesh does not depend on any other country. There is no oxygen crisis in the country at the moment.

The Minister said, ‘Bangladesh has much more capacity to produce gas oxygen than liquid oxygen. It is now possible to produce two and a half hundred tons of gas oxygen per day. And the production of liquid oxygen is one and a half to two hundred tons. The country’s private medical sector also has the capacity to produce 40 to 50 tons of oxygen. If necessary, it can be taken from there. In addition, we have now taken initiative to bring small oxygen plants to be set up in the hospitals of the country.

Health and Family Welfare Minister Zahid Malek said this at a press briefing in the wake of media coverage of the oxygen crisis in the country.

“There is no need to import oxygen from India or any other country throughout the year,” he said. Some oxygen was imported from India at the peak of the corona. Now India is going through a difficult time. So maybe India has stopped giving oxygen. ‘

The minister said the current daily demand in the country is only one to one and a half hundred tonnes. Even if demand doubles, the oxygen crisis will not happen right now. On the other hand, the patient’s pressure in the hospital has also decreased. However, if the number of patients increases many times, then a different picture may appear. For this, everyone should pay attention so that the patient does not grow.

On vaccination, the minister said, “The government is not sitting idly by if India fails to vaccinate as per the agreement or if it is delayed. Instead, the government is forging strong diplomatic relations with China, Russia, the United States and other vaccine producing countries.”

Zahid Malek said that the way the lockdown is going on in the country is also working, it can be said that the infection is decreasing now due to the lockdown. Lockdowns, on the other hand, are hurting small businesses or those who work. For this reason, the government is keeping the shops open for a certain period of time while maintaining hygiene rules.

The health minister said the health ministry could not do everything to prevent the infection. The Ministry of Health’s job is to treat sick people, manage hospitals, vaccinate, test and advise on what needs to be done to prevent infection. There are separate ministries responsible for overseeing or controlling transport, movement of people on the road, keeping or stopping aircraft, stopping tourism, and checking how shops are opening or not opening. We have to work together to get rid of Corona.

Director General of the Department of Health, Professor. Abul Basar Mohammad Khurshid Alam was present.