May 8, 2021


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Anxiety about vaccinations

Since the beginning of this week, some progress has been made in various steps of the government to overcome the vaccine crisis. The Department of Drug Administration approved the emergency import and use of the Russian vaccine Sputnik V on Tuesday. After giving the approval at a meeting, Major General Mahbubur Rahman, Director General of the Department of Drug Administration, said, “We hope that 4 million doses of Sputnik V will arrive in the country by May.” There is no longer any legal impediment to the corona vaccine. ‘

Not only Sputnik VE, but also Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, China’s Sinofarm (Beijing) and Synovac in the United States ছয় the National Vaccine Approval Group (NITG) on Thursday recommended to the government for urgent approval of the six vaccines. In the meantime, policy decisions have been made on the urgent import and use of vaccines from a high-level government policy-making position. Now there are no restrictions on the importation or use of these vaccines. However, following the necessary procedures, the Department of Drug Administration will be able to issue no-objection letters at any time for any of the vaccines, Health and Family Welfare Minister Zahid Malek said yesterday.

Earlier, on January 8, the government had approved the import and emergency use of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine Covishield, produced at the Seram Institute in India. With that vaccine, mass vaccination started in the country from February. However, the recent shortage of vaccines has created some crisis. Strong steps are being taken by the higher echelons of the government including the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to overcome the crisis.

According to a source, the Russian authorities can send the vaccine to Bangladesh at any time after completing some procedures. Apart from this, the Department of Drug Administration has not been able to give final approval to the other five vaccine applications as the technical data has not been submitted in full.

Meanwhile, the government and the Beximco Group have maintained contact, though it is not yet certain when the Oxford-Astragene vaccine will arrive from India. Meanwhile, the US government announced on Monday that it would give 60 million doses of the Oxford-Astragene vaccine to another country. According to media reports, India is getting one crore doses of vaccine from there. In the meantime, the high level of the Bangladesh government has started contacting the US government to get some vaccine from that sector. According to a reliable source, the government hopes to get some Oxford vaccines from the United States as well. Bangladesh is in contact with the United States and has sent a letter in this regard.

At a press briefing on the lawn of BCPS Complex in Mohakhali yesterday, Health Minister Zahid Malek gave details about corona infection situation in the country, lockdown, hospital management, sample testing and vaccination and answered various questions of journalists.

Asked by Kaler Kantha about the progress of the six ticks recommended by Nightag, the health minister said, “We have given the green signal to all those who have been recommended; There is no obstacle to bring any vaccine now. Now only the Department of Drug Administration will complete the rest of the process and give approval. However, in this case, you have to apply according to the appropriate procedure. Some of those who applied did not submit the correct information in their application.

The minister said the Russian vaccine has been approved. But there are some more processes for production. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. The country has the capacity of two or three companies.

The health minister said, “We have paid for the Oxford vaccine from the best in India. But it is getting late due to problems in India. Beximco is trying, we are trying too. Although I don’t know the exact time, I hope to get the vaccine soon. Even after this, we are not just waiting for the Indian vaccine. We are also maintaining contact with other countries including America, China, Russia. I will also get the vaccine from China. Production talks are going on with them here too. However, global trade and geopolitics are going on with vaccines. The 10 richest countries have the most vaccines. Many countries have not yet received the vaccine. We also vaccinated a lot there. ‘

Meanwhile, State Minister for Foreign Affairs Shahriar Alam said yesterday afternoon, “I am working on vaccines and oxygen. I hope there will be no crisis. ‘

On the other hand, the foreign minister said. AK Abdul Momen told reporters that communication was underway to bring the rest of the vaccine from India. The Prime Minister has agreed to bring in vaccines from other countries as well. He said any vaccine brought to the country without the approval of the World Health Organization could now be approved for emergency use.

“The Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine has left the United States,” he said. We will try to get them from there as well. ‘Regarding the Chinese vaccine, he said,’ We have informed China that we will need the vaccine on an urgent basis. China has also said it will work with vaccine assistance in Bangladesh.

Meanwhile, Foreign Secretary Masood bin Momen said it could take two weeks for vaccines to arrive from abroad. However, other sources are already hopeful that the Chinese vaccine will arrive in the next few days.

A source in the Department of Drug Administration said that in addition to approving the Russian vaccine yesterday, progress has also been made on the Chinese vaccine. In both cases there is direct government-to-government communication. No intermediaries were kept for vaccination. However, in the case of locally produced, there are questions of separate agreements with private companies. To do that you have to finish more process.

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Apart from China and Russia, those who have applied for the US Modern, Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer vaccines have not yet submitted all the required documents, he said. Some have applied for only one page. On the basis of that, the government has made a policy decision. But for final approval, each tick must provide detailed scientific data. Once these are submitted, you will have to wait for the time it takes to test them.

“We have been asked by the Ministry of Health and the Department of Drug Administration to submit all the relevant protocols and data for the vaccine,” an official of the organization applying for the vaccine from two private companies in the United States told Kaler Kanth. We are also preparing to submit them. Maybe it will be submitted in a day or two. ‘