May 8, 2021


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‘UNO sir says give me a house’

I am a disabled person. Kunu can’t work. Let’s give Heida what she gives to Mains. There is no need to live in Amgar, there is no place or land. Yunu (UNO) Char (Sir) said, I will give you a gar. I am very happy. We can stay in the building. I pray for the Prime Minister, Yunu Char. May Allah keep the bracelet on the tag. May they live for many days’. Md. Birunia village of Bhaluka upazila of Mymensingh was saying the words. Taiz Uddin’s son said. Jannat Hasan. He is about 20 years old. He is physically handicapped. His four arms and legs are curved. Can never stand up straight. He walked with one foot on a small wooden peg with two legs. Although physically handicapped, Jannat Hasan’s mind is very strong.

Talking to him, it is known that they are four siblings. Sister is married. The other two brothers are his younger. They study in one madrasa, the other in a kg school. Mother Masuda Khatun is a housewife. Poor father Taiz Uddin sells jhalmuri in Bhaluka. The family does not survive on the father’s meager income. He does not have the ability to do anything on his own. So he chose to beg without seeing Upayantar.

Jannat Hasan spent most of the day begging in front of Tania Store on Shaheed Mannan Road in Bhaluka Municipality. And after the Johar and Asr prayers, Bhaluka sits near the bus stand Majid. Seeing him, he kindly extended his hand for whatever the pedestrians gave him. However, in the first week of the month, he went to the Masterbari area of ​​Bhaluka Upazila, known as an industrial area, hoping to earn more. His daily average in begging is about two to two and a half hundred rupees. However, on some Jumma days it becomes 5-6 hundred rupees.

As a person with a disability, he bequeathed all the money he received from the government for alms and begging to his father to spend on household chores. They have no land of their own. At one time they lived at his father’s uncle’s house in Birunia village of the upazila. They currently live in a rented house in the fire service area of ​​Bhaluka municipality.

Meanwhile, Jannat Hasan can know the news of providing land and houses to the landless on the initiative of the Prime Minister. From then on, he wanted to get a government house. In this situation, he told his wish to a well-known local journalist (Kaler Kantho). Later, through that journalist, Bhaluka Upazila Nirbahi Officer Salma Khatun came to know about Jannat and asked her to send Jannat to her office. Later, Janat Hasan visited the office and met Upazila Nirbahi Officer Salma Khatun. Talking to Jannat Hasan at that time, the Upazila Nirbahi Officer said that arrangements would be made to give him a house and khas land within a month.

He happily called Atkhana Jannat on the assurance of the Upazila Nirbahi Officer and informed the journalist he knew about the assurance of getting his house.

Sirajul Islam, the owner of Tania store, said the boy had been begging in front of my shop for a long time. But I never saw him raise his begging hand to anyone. She repeatedly told me that she would benefit greatly from having a home and that she would stop begging if she had any work to do.

Upazila Nirbahi Officer Salma Khatun told Kaler Kanth that if she had known about the disabled Jannat Hasan, she could have got a house long ago. I came to know about it through a journalist. However, as he did not have his own ID card, he submitted his father’s ID card. I will try to get him a house in the next one month.