May 16, 2021


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‘Wrong practice should not tarnish the beauty of Islam’

The deadly virus Corona has spread widely in India. Civil life is disrupted because the corona is in terrible shape. This country, which is collapsing in Corona, is giving birth to heartbreaking incidents every day. Temporary crematoriums are being set up in fields or parks. Due to the corona, mosques or madrasas are being made temporary isolation centers. Which has already come up in the headlines of the media.

Abdul Hai Mohammad Saifullah, a prominent Islamic figure of the day, has posted on Facebook about the current state of affairs in India. He discusses various topics in his post. His post has been highlighted for the readers of Kaler Kantho-‘What are you thinking? How far have you thought?

Today, two pictures have spread widely on the net. Where it came from – the extreme violence that took place in Delhi last year, the burning of the mosque. And this year the mosque is being made suitable for use as a temporary corona isolation center for all Hindus and Muslims in extreme corona conditions.

In this case, there is no need to highlight the great truth of Islam and the greatness of the mosque, but people should go one step further and learn that as creators of one God, we do not have the right to oppress anyone. The sky that was covered with violence, fire, crying and smoke last year has become heavy today with the smoke of cheetah fire and the cry of losing human relatives! In this difficult situation, we as human beings have the initiation to learn lifelong lessons of careful and responsible human behavior.

Many people are giving happy statements thinking that the incident in India is a revenge! Beware! It is strictly forbidden in Islam to be happy with the pain of others and to assume that the judicial responsibility is from Allah – because he did it. Remember – your wrong practice should not tarnish Islam and its beauty.

And those who are thinking about such and such with their bodies, let’s be careful ourselves. I think about my country and its people. Stumbling in the market, Eid shopping, unnecessary wandering, neglect in health awareness, these are not good signs. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said to tie the camel first and then put his trust in Allaah. And we do whatever we want, disobey the instructions of Allah and His Messenger, embrace the dangers of others, without education, we say Allah is trustworthy! But this is not the teaching of Islam!

Dear brothers and sisters! The sky is heavy, there are a lot of attacks, many deaths but not too far. Same texture! Just in the middle of a border line. Let’s be the most vigilant and beg for God’s help! ‘