May 17, 2021


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Munia’s suicide, interrogation of whip son Sharon

Police have questioned Sharun Chowdhury, son of ruling party whip and Chittagong MP Shamsul Haque Chowdhury, over the hanging of college student Mosarat Jahan Munia from an elite flat in Gulshan.

He was questioned on Tuesday on the basis of screenshots of some of Munia’s conversations with Sharon, which spread through social media.

Regarding the police interrogation, Sharun Chowdhury told the media that the people involved in the investigation wanted to know some things from him. He said the things that are wanted to know. Asked if he knew Munia. In reply, he said that he had an acquaintance with Munia. Munia contacted him on Facebook last year. However, Sharon’s claim that the screenshots of the conversation with Munia after his death are being spread on Facebook are false. He also demanded forensic examination of these conversations to verify the truth.

Munia wrote to Sharon in that text message via social media, she is not well. Then he wrote, ‘He will not marry me. What am I going to do? ’Sharon wrote in reply,‘ I told you before, don’t listen to him. He told my wife to get married, but he didn’t. In the middle, my daughter is without a mother. ‘

Gulshan Division Deputy Commissioner Sudip Chandra Chakraborty told Jugantar on Wednesday that the rescue of Munia’s body was described by many as a murder, but a preliminary police investigation suggested it was a suicide. However, he was traveling in the flat against which a case has been filed against him for inciting suicide. Citing CCTV footage, he said the accused had gone to the flat 4-5 days before the incident.

Police official Sudip Kumar Chakraborty added that some said the accused in the case had fled on a cargo plane. But according to police, the accused did not flee the country. He is still in the country. If someone goes abroad, they must use their passport for immigration.

Immigration police have confirmed to investigators that no one has left the country using the accused’s passport. If someone leaves the country using a cargo plane, private plane or any other type of aircraft, the immigration system must have information about that. But there is no information in the immigration regarding the foreign travel of the accused in the case filed against Munia for inciting suicide.

He said that after retrieving the body of the young woman, six diaries were also recovered from there along with various signs including her mobile phone. What is written in these diaries is being verified. In 8 diaries written by Munia, intense pride and anger have been expressed. In the pages of the diaries, he has written various events that happened in his life.

Meanwhile, Barrister Syed Saidul Haque Sumon, legal secretary of the central committee of the Juba League and former prosecutor of the International Criminal Tribunal, has announced to provide free legal aid in Munia’s case. He confirmed the matter to reporters on Wednesday.

Incidentally, Munia’s hanging body was recovered from a flat (B / 3) of house No. 19, Road No. 120, Gulshan-1 at 11 pm on Monday. The corpse was hanging with a bedroom fan with a scarf wrapped around its neck. His village home is Manoharpur in Comilla Sadar upazila. Munia had her last conversation with her elder sister Nusrat Jahan on her mobile phone on Monday morning. Munia’s father was the late freedom fighter Safiqur Rahman. Mao did not survive. Munia’s elder sister Nusrat Jahan has filed a case with Gulshan police station.

The managing director of an industrial group has been accused in the case. It was alleged that the accused did not protect his sister even by promising to marry her. Instead, he rented a flat in Gulshan and mingled with his wife. He used to come and go in that flat. But Saf told her not to get married at the last moment and at the same time threatened her sister in various ways. The accused was charged with inciting suicide. Munia was an HSC student of Mirpur Cantonment Public School and College. He met the accused two years ago. Ever since the introduction, they used to meet in various elite restaurants and talk on mobile phones. At one stage, his love affair with the accused developed.