May 17, 2021


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Excavation of ponds in khas places, fear of waterlogging in hundreds of bighas of land

Relatives of a government official have been accused of occupying government khas land at Bilshaliya Beel in Lalpur, Natore and digging two ponds by blocking the entrances of two bridges.

Locals allege that the family of the government official used his power to manage the local administration and dig the illegal pond. This will cause waterlogging in hundreds of acres of land if it rains or rains. Two or three crop lands will become one crop and some lands will become uncultivated lands.

However, the diggers of the pond said that there will be no obstruction in the flow of water in the excavation of the pond. However, they have admitted that there is a government place in the pond.

On Wednesday, it was seen that two ponds have been dug in the middle of the two bridges of Bilshaliya Beel. So that the entrance of both the bridges is closed. In this way, if it rains or rains, there will be no chance of water flow.

Locals also complained that the diggers had khas land in the pond. As the owner of the pond was influential, they did not listen to anyone.

They said local Sharif Ahmed Lincoln was a government official. Utilizing its influence, local government officials quickly dug up the pond. In addition, Lincoln’s relatives did not give the area a chance to protest while digging the pond by threatening the farmers in various ways. The local administration was informed about the matter but the excavation of the pond was not stopped. He later lodged written complaints with various departments to resolve the issue.

When the journalists went to the spot to find out the matter, a public meeting was created in a moment. At this time, they pointed out various difficulties as a result of digging the pond.

Abdul Hakim, a local farmer who was cultivating the land at the time, said they were worried about their crops as the bridge was closed and a pond was dug. He is skeptical about whether his crop will grow at home due to waterlogging if it rains. He also said that there will be obstruction in the rain water.

Another person named Izahar Ali said that thousands of bighas of farmers’ land used to flow through the bridge under this bridge. But due to the pond, this water movement will be stopped. He fears that this will disrupt their crop production and even make many lands uncultivated.

“Wherever the government will take steps to ensure uninterrupted flow of water, it is not taking any action even if the water flow of our bill is obstructed,” he said.

Another farmer, Abdul Haq, said planting their crops was now in jeopardy. With ponds on both banks, they are now worried about how the water will be drained.

Meanwhile, when the journalists were listening to the complaints and hardships of the farmers, three terrorists, including the son of the owner of the pond, came there in a bike and ordered everyone to leave. When the peasants protested, there was a commotion and commotion. Later the situation calmed down with the mediation of media personnel.

However, a young man named Shibli from Goalipara, who was agitated with the journalists at the time, claimed to be the owner of the pond but could not clear his position with the pond owner. At this time he once claimed the owner of the pond as his brother and another time as the man of the lessee. Later he could not give any good answer to various questions.

When asked if digging of ponds in crop lands is legal or whether there is a pass, he first demanded pass and validity but later failed to present any evidence in this regard.

At the time, pond owner Sharif Ahmed Lincoln’s younger brother Abu Saeed Dulu said they had dug the pond in accordance with government rules. There will be no problem of water flow. Because they have set up rings for water flow. In addition, if there is a problem in the monsoon season, they will cut the edge of the pond, but the water flow will be normal. He also claimed that there was a canal next to it and if it was renovated, there would be no obstruction in the flow of water.

However, he admitted that there is a government khas place in the pond. They have dug a pond in the adjoining khas land as their land went into the road while making his claim.

Regarding the digging of the pond, he said, they have dug the pond with the verbal permission of the administration. Because they have not got any crop in the land for about 20 years.

Meanwhile, Saiful Islam, general secretary of Arbab Union Awami League (part) claimed that water flows from these two unions through these two bridges. But as a result of digging two ponds, that water flow will be stopped and waterlogging will occur. They do these things by taking people hostage along with influential people and terrorists. Appearing with terrorists today proves it.

He said repeated complaints to the local administration did not work, so complaints were also made to higher departments. If this pond is not removed immediately, the suffering of the farmers in this area will not end in the coming monsoon season.

Nazrul Islam, a local UP member of Arbab Union who was present there, said that no opinion was taken from the local people’s representatives about digging the pond. Rather, threats are made if they want to know.

At the time, he said, it was impossible to compensate for the damage caused by the excavation of the pond. So if it is not prevented, the people of the area will suffer extreme losses.

Meanwhile, the accused government official and Rajshahi’s Bagmara Upazila Nirbahi Officer Sharif Ahmed Lincoln could not be reached after contacting him on his mobile phone.

In this regard, Lalpur Upazila Nirbahi Officer (Acting) and Assistant Commissioner Bhumi Shammi Akhter admitted the truth about the issue of khas land and said that he had gone to the spot. The way the pond has been dug at the mouth of the bridge will interfere with the drainage of water. And he has received verbal complaints about khas land. Investigate and take action.