May 17, 2021


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The case of ‘alleged’ second wife Jannat against Mamunul

Hefazat-e-Islam leader Mamunul Haque has filed a case against his second wife Jannat Ara Jharna. He filed the case at Narayanganj’s Sonargaon police station on Friday. According to Sonargaon police sources, the case has been filed under the Women and Child Abuse Prevention Act on the charge of rape. Case number 30.

Although Mamunul Haque claimed to be his second wife, Jannat did not call herself Mamunul Haque’s wife in the case. “Mamunul Haque has approached me about the temptation and helplessness of marriage,” he said. But when it comes to marriage, Mamunul is doing it, he keeps postponing it. Mamunul took me to different hotels and resorts talking about wandering since 2016. ‘

Regarding her acquaintance with Mamunul, Jannat said, “She met Mamunul Haque in 2005 through her husband Maulana Shahidul Islam. Being a friend of her husband, Mamunul used to travel freely to our house. Before we met Mamunul, we were living happily ever after. Mamunul Haque entered into a disagreement between our husband and wife and started creating distance between Shahidul and me. Because of Mamunul, our marital life became extremely poisonous. In this worldly tension, at one stage the divorce took place on the advice of Mamnul. ‘


In the complaint, Jannat said, ‘After the separation, he became socially, economically and familially helpless. At that time Mamunul asked me to come to Dhaka from Khulna. I moved to Dhaka. Mamunul kept me in the house of his followers. There are many ways to offer me. At one point I succumbed to his temptation due to the surrounding conditions. He then sublet me at a house on North Circular Road in North Dhanmondi. Arranged work in a beauty parlor. Mamunul was paying for his stay in Dhaka. ‘

Jannat Ara Jharna alleged that Mamunul Haque was taken away on April 3 after talking about visiting the Royal Resort in Sonargaon. Some people detained us while we were there. Later, Mamunul Haque’s followers attacked the resort and took us away. But Mamunul illegally kept me in the house of an acquaintance without allowing me to return to his house. He did not allow anyone to communicate.

Jannat said, “Later, I tactfully informed my eldest son about my plight and asked him to take legal recourse to rescue me from captivity.” When the DB police rescued me later, I found out that my father had made a general diary at the Kalabagan police station in the capital to rescue me. The police rescued me and handed me over to my father. There, I consulted with my family and relatives, so it was too late to file a complaint. ‘

Oliar Rahman, the father of Jannat Ara Jharna, was taken into custody by the Dhaka Detective Police on April 24 for questioning. He was brought to Dhaka from Gopalpur in Alfadanga upazila. He then filed a general diary (GD) with the Kalabagan police station on April 28 seeking police assistance in rescuing the girl. The next day, DB police rescued Jharna from a house in Mohammadpur. Jharna filed the case three days after he was rescued.