May 8, 2021


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Deaths have risen by 50 percent

The second wave of coronavirus epidemic is underway in the country. Overall, the severity of the disease has increased. At this time, the number of deaths per day and the average death rate are higher than in the first wave.

About 50 percent more deaths are happening every day than last year’s highest rate. Among them, the death rate of women affected by corona has also increased. Not only that, but the mental illness of Corona sufferers has also started to increase alarmingly.

The Institute of Epidemiology, Disease Control and Research (IEDCR) said in a recent report. The report, released on Saturday, said 737 people had died of Covid-19 in March this year.

As of April 15, 941 people had died. In other words, the death toll has increased by 32.2 percent in these two months.

In this regard, the internationally renowned medicine expert and UGC Professor. ABM Abdullah told Jugantar that deaths would increase if the infection increased.

Especially those who are older, have heart disease, have high blood pressure, suffer from diabetes or other complex diseases are more likely to die. He said that in order to overcome this condition, the incidence of the disease and the number of patients should be reduced.

For this, hygiene rules must be strictly followed. Wearing masks properly, keeping hands clean regularly, being extremely careful about adhering to social distance.

In addition, everyone over the age of 40 must be vaccinated. The vaccine ensures maximum protection from coronavirus.

Analyzing a comparative picture of the same period this year with February-April last year, the IEDCR report said that no one died of coronary heart disease in February last year.

Five died in March and 173 in April. On the other hand, 261, 638 and 941 people have died in these three months of this year respectively.

Analyzing the data from January 26 to April 15, the IEDCR says 44 per cent of the victims were hospitalized at the time. 33% of the patients have been treated in institutional isolation, 18% at home and 6% by other means.

Fifty-two percent of those who died were hospitalized within five days of the onset of symptoms. 28 percent were hospitalized within 5 to 10 days and 12 percent within 11 to 15 days of the onset of symptoms.

46 percent of patients died within 5 days of being admitted to the hospital and 18 percent of patients died within 5 to 10 days.

The report further said that in July last year, when the mortality rate related to Covid-19 was the highest, the male-female mortality rate was 1: 3.5.

In April this year, it is seen that the ratio of male to female deaths is 1.23. In other words, the death rate of women has also increased compared to last year.

According to the research report, 918 men died of coronary heart disease last August while 245 women died.

Similarly, 698 males and 283 females in September, 490 males and 174 females in October, 280 males and 280 females in November, 430 males and 155 females in January, 445 females and 140 females in February, 443 males and 283 females in March and 283 males in April. 614 and 283 women.

The IEDCR report highlights the results of a survey by the National Institute of Mental Health, which found that the rate of mental illness among adults in 2016 was 16.6 percent.

Of these, 7.6 percent suffer from depression and 4.6 percent suffer from anxiety. But a few studies conducted in Bangladesh during the Kovid-19 epidemic found depression in about 48 percent of the participants and anxiety in 33 percent.

In other words, mental problems are increasing in Kovid period more than usual. The report further states that there is stress, burnout among health workers at all levels engaged in corona treatment. Which is harming their mental health.

Mental health experts say the Covid-19 situation can in no way be panicked to keep mental health in order. Panic lowers a person’s normal immune system.

So stress needs to be reduced. Excessive panic, restlessness, stress, depression, sleep patterns and behavioral changes must be reported to the nearest health center.

The death toll in Corona has not dropped below 100 for the past three days. The total number of deaths so far stands at 10,365. Besides, 6 lakh 17 thousand 950 people have been identified with coronavirus in the country. The number of healthy patients is 6 lakh 14 thousand 936 people.