May 16, 2021


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The tide of candidates in Aslam’s seat

The Dhaka-14 constituency, which was vacated by the death of Aslamul Haque, is going to be flooded with Awami League candidates. Those who were strong contenders in the last election for this important seat of the capital want to be the boatmen again. Again, the eyes of many leaders who were hoping to be nominated in the last election are now looking at Dhaka-14. Aslamul Haque’s wife is also interested in the election. Many leaders of Dhaka Metropolitan North Awami League, different thanas and wards of Awami League are also seeking nomination. As a result, the policy makers of the Awami League will have to work hard to cope with the pressure of those who are interested in becoming party candidates in the by-elections.

After the sudden death of Aslamul Haque, many leaders have started vying for the seat. Maksuda Haque, wife of Aslamul Haque, Sabina Akhter Tuhin, former Member of Parliament for reserved seat and leader of Juba Mahila League, SM Mannan Kochi, General Secretary of Dhaka Metropolitan North Awami League and ABM Mazharul Anam, Organizing Secretary, Delwar Hossain, Former Leader of Greater Mirpur Thana Awami League. Darussalam Thana Awami League general secretary Kazi Faridul Haque Happy, actor Monwar Hossain Dipzal and at least a dozen other leaders have already expressed interest in becoming candidates.

Mainul Hossain Khan Nikhil, general secretary of Juba League and Mobasher Chowdhury, joint general secretary of Swechchhasebak League are also interested in contesting. Several presidents and general secretaries and ward councilors of several thanas and wards of the Awami League also want the nomination of the Awami League.

According to Awami League sources, the leaders of Dhaka Metropolitan North Awami League have already been active in stopping the influx of candidates. A meeting was held on April 25 at a restaurant in Mirpur on the initiative of SM Mannan Kachi, general secretary of Dhaka Metropolitan North Awami League. Leaders of different police stations and wards of Dhaka-14 constituency were present in it. There was talk that the character assassination of the party leaders had started after becoming a candidate. It is strictly closed and the leaders are instructed to remain united. Anyone who wants to be a candidate is instructed to go after him and wait for the decision of the party.

It is learned that after Aslamul Haque was elected as a Member of Parliament in 2008, he established his strong position in the constituencies. As a result, the Awami League had very few candidates in the last two national elections. Aslam’s main rival in the seat was Sabina Akhter Tuhin, president of the Dhaka Metropolitan North Youth Women’s League and a reserved seat MP. He was on the field with Aslam. Tuhin was optimistic about getting nominated in the last national elections due to allegations of land grabbing and economic corruption against Aslamul Haque. But in the end the central policy makers of Awami League chose Aslamul Haque. However, Tuhin did not give up even though he was deprived of nomination. He is carrying out various social and cultural activities including relief distribution and cleaning campaign with his followers from the area.

Among the candidates for the Dhaka-14 constituency is Darussalam Thana Awami League general secretary and former student leader Kazi Faridul Haque Happy. He is known as a close leader of Aslamul Haque. He also wanted the nomination of Awami League in the last election. Happy is working in the field to get nominated again. He has been a familiar face in Mirpur politics for a long time. He was also the president of Mirpur Bangla College Chhatra League. Happy is also the former leader of Chhatra League Central and Dhaka Metropolitan North. Even in the midst of the Corona epidemic, Happy was praised for delivering the necessary relief to the people of the area.

It is learned that SM Mannan Kochi, general secretary of Dhaka Metropolitan North Awami League, was a candidate in Dhaka-17 constituency in the last elections. He is interested to be a candidate in the by-election of Dhaka-14 this time. Juba League general secretary Mainul Hossain Khan Nikhil was a candidate in Dhaka-15 constituency in the last election. His followers are trying to field Nikhil in the by-election of Dhaka-14 constituency. According to Awami League sources, Tuhin is in a somewhat advantageous position as he has been in the constituency for a long time in Dhaka-14 constituency. Other candidates are just beginning to prepare for the election. However, other leaders and activists work behind the person who is nominated in a big party like Awami League. As a result, nominations are not available if you are on the field all the time. Many times candidates are also from outside.

Asked, former MP Sabina Akhter told Tuhin Kaler Kanth, “I have been working for the people of this constituency for a long time. In the last two national elections, I was a strong contender for the nomination of the Awami League. Even though I was not nominated then, I am doing my best from the side of the people here. In any danger, people in the area get by my side if needed. That is why they are by my side. That is my strength. None of the other candidates have been on the side of the people in the area before.

Juba League general secretary Mainul Hossain Khan told Nikhil Kaler Kantha, “I have been doing politics in Mirpur for a long time. Many people are requesting to be candidates. But this decision will be made by Awami League President Sheikh Hasina. I will be a candidate if he wants. I will work by the side of whomever he nominates. ‘

Darussalam Thana Awami League general secretary Kazi Faridul Haque told Happy Kaler Kantha, “I wanted to be nominated in the last election. I will ask again. Many newcomers want to be candidates in this seat. We are working like us. But Awami League President Sheikh Hasina will decide on this. Our demand to him is to nominate a candidate who is associated with this areaAslamul Haque died on April 4 while undergoing treatment. The by-election schedule for Dhaka-14 constituency, which was vacated by his death, has not been announced yet.