May 8, 2021


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Eid shopping is crowded in shopping malls

To deal with the second wave of corona, the shopping mall has been reopened in compliance with the government regulations. This decision of the government is to overcome the losses of the traders ahead of Eid-ul-Fitr. Yesterday was the first Friday after the shopping mall opened. Bashundhara, one of the largest shopping malls in the capital, was closed on a public holiday yesterday

The city was very busy with Eid shopping. Buyers flocked to Bashundhara Shopping Mall to buy their favorite new clothes, shoes, ornaments and cosmetics.

Visiting Bashundhara Shopping Mall on the spot around 2 pm yesterday, it was seen that there is a long line of social distance and hygiene of the shoppers. With face masks and sanitizers in hand, the security personnel are ensuring hygiene while entering the shopping mall. Even after entering the shopping mall, if there is any violation of hygiene in the eyes of the security guard, then he is immediately alerting the person.

Inside the shopping mall, various levels were seen, mainly in the clothing and shoe stores, the largest crowd of shoppers. Relatively less crowds have been seen in mobile phone shops. And the jewelery traders said that their sales were better yesterday than in the last four-five days. Newlywed Brishti told Kaler Kantha, ‘I should have come to shop. Newly married. I bought new clothes for everyone following the hygiene rules. ‘

The Nishat-Robin couple has come to do Eid shopping with the baby in their arms. He said that Bashundhara City Shopping Complex is their first choice for shopping. As the day progresses, the crowd of shoppers in Bashundhara City continues to grow. With sales. Visiting the parking lot of the complex, it was seen that the parking lot is almost full for the people who come to shop.

On the other hand, another shopping mall in the capital, Jamuna Future Park, was visited by a large crowd of people of different ages. From middle class to all classes of people were flocking to this shopping mall. There was no place to set foot in the showrooms of popular clothing brands. Buyers have been seen entering long lines at the local brand Arang. To attract buyers, buy one get one, 20-60% discount offer. In addition to popular brands, other stores are also trying to attract buyers with various discounts.

Asked about the variety of Eid clothes, Bappi and Usha from Banani said, “This time the collection is much more.” But innovation is less. The collection is quite good in some brand stores. But most shop designs are like last year.

In view of the Corona epidemic, Jamuna Future Park authorities have made it mandatory to hand sanitize, measure temperature and wear masks at the entrances.