May 16, 2021


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Terrible April

The highest ever record of coronavirus infection in the country was recorded in April. In other words, the highest number of deaths has been identified this April. In the last one month, 2,345 people have died in Corona in the country, which is 20 percent of the total deaths. At this time, two lakh 14 thousand 194 new patients have been identified, which is 26 percent of the total infected.

Not only as a month, but also as a week, the multiple weeks of April have risen to the highest level. The highest number of 47,392 people have been identified till April 5-11, which is the highest number of coronavirus infections in the country as of this week. On the other hand, the highest death toll of 748 people was on April 19-25.

The highest number of infections and deaths has been reported in April as well. On April 6, a maximum of 7,726 new patients were identified and on April 19, a maximum of 112 people died.

Considering this information, experts say that if there is no more severe infection in the country next time, then this April will be the worst month of corona in Bangladesh. Last year, the highest records were in June-July for cases and July-August for deaths, which were crushed during the month of April, which ended on Friday.

On the other hand, 71 percent of the victims in the country so far are in Dhaka division. Of this, 71.3 percent is in Dhaka metropolis. This is followed by Chittagong at 12.4 percent. The highest death toll was 56.4 percent in Dhaka division. Of these, Dhaka metropolis has the highest 34.6 percent. This is followed by Chittagong at 16.1 percent.

According to the regular press release of the Department of Health, 58 more people died of corona in the country in the previous 24 hours till 8 am yesterday. In those 24 hours, 2,018 people were newly identified. The detection rate in the last 24 hours is 10.34 percent.

Of the 57 people killed in the last 24 hours, 32 were men and 25 were women. In terms of age, one is between 21-30 years, one is between 31-40 years, seven is between 41-50 years, 13 is between 51-60 years and 35 is over 60 years. Among them 26 are from Dhaka division, 13 from Chittagong division, two from Rajshahi division, five from Khulna division, two from Barisal division, five from Sylhet division and two from Rangpur division. 37 people died in government hospitals and 18 in private hospitals.

On March 6 last year, the government announced the identification of the first corona patient in the country. The first death was reported on March 17, 10 days later. Towards the end of that month, the government declared a general holiday, except for emergency services. Even after that, the infection started to increase from mid-May. By the third week of August, the detection rate was over 20 percent. From then on the detection rate started to decrease. Corona infection was acute from last June to August. Occasionally there was a slight increase in November-December but the rest of the time the infection was downward. The second wave of Corona started in March this year. This time the infection is more severe. Earlier, Ganatika activities have started in the country from February 8.