May 8, 2021


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Shaheed Obaidul Haque

Kazi Obaidul Haque used to leave his job at Dhaka Medical College and see patients at his home in Jessore to provide medical services to the people of the village. Although not directly involved in politics, he was in favor of Bengali nationalism. He believed that Bengalis must be freed from the exploitation and oppression of West Pakistanis, there is no alternative. He used to inspire the local youth with this idea. Apart from treatment, this philanthropist was also involved in many socio-cultural activities. He was shot dead by the invading Pakistani army.

Shaheed Obaidul Haque’s house is in Sarulia village of Tala upazila of Satkhira. He was born in 1929 in Chittagong, the workplace of Kazi Abdullah, an inspector of the Baba Education Department. He was the second of seven brothers and sisters. He passed MBBS from Dhaka Medical College in 1951 and joined the service here. He left his job after four years and moved to Jessore. He began seeing patients in person in the chambers of his home on MM Road in the city. He has a brief introduction in the Shaheed Buddhijibi Kosh of Bangla Academy.

None of them live in Jessore now. Kazi Mashrequs Siddiqin, the sixth brother of Obaidul Haque, lives in Sarulia village of Satkhira. He said that after the independence of the country in 1973, Obaidul Haque’s wife Rashida Banu moved to Canada with her daughter Shirin Hossain and son Kazi Ataul Haque. That’s where they live.

When Rashida Banu was contacted in the mail through Mashrequs, she recalled her husband and said that Obaidul Haque also joined the movement when the country was up in arms demanding independence. He used to sit in discussions with the youth. He used to inspire them to go to war.

Rashida Banu said, “On March 25, 1971, they were all in Jessore. Last night, everyone woke up to the sound of gunfire coming from the direction of Jessore Cantonment. After a while it became dawn. Curfew outside. Thus two days passed. In front of our house, Pakistani soldiers shot and killed one person. Obaidul thought the situation was getting worse. His friend was Sultan Ahmed, the principal engineer of Jessore Polytechnic Institute. I got out of the car and took shelter with his family at his campus home.

Lunch was being organized on April 5 at noon. At that moment, seven armed Pakistani soldiers came to the door and started knocking. Engineer Sultan Ahmad opened the door and introduced himself as a teacher. But the assassins continued to beat him. The beasts shot and killed his brother-in-law Nazmul Haque, 21, and doctor Obaidul Haque. When the assassins asked Obaidul Haque about his identity, he proudly said that he was a Bengali. They immediately shot him. ‘

Kazi Mashrequs Siddiqin said there is a desire to build a hospital in memory of Obaidul Haque in his ancestral home. However, they expect government assistance for this.

Author: Kalyan Banerjee, Own Correspondent, Satkhira.