May 17, 2021


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Bangladesh has the support of foreign leaders

The victory of the war of liberation was due to the single and joint efforts of many people from home and abroad. Here is a description of each day of the war.Prothom-alo desk
Published: 01 May 2021, 09:28Bangladesh has the support of foreign leadersJ. W. Fulbright, President of the US Senate Foreign Relations Department, said on this day in 1971 that remaining silent on East Pakistan (Bangladesh) means supporting Pakistani barbarism. He made the remarks in a letter from John Road, an eyewitness to the East Pakistan incident. John Road wrote in the letter that Pakistanis are enforcing barbaric laws in East Pakistan. They are killing thousands of unarmed people. Killing intellectuals. Destroying Hindus.

Rod submitted his letter to the US State Department, but it was kept secret. Referring to the matter, Senator Fulbright said that without condemning the Pakistani atrocities and keeping this information secret, the State Department has practically supported or approved the incidents.

Frank Judd, Parliamentary Private Secretary to British Opposition Leader Harold Wilson, has demanded an immediate halt to aid to Pakistan. He wrote a letter to the British Foreign Secretary, Sir Alec Douglas Home.

The state newspaper of the then Soviet Union, Pravda, expressed concern over the growing peace in the region in the wake of the East Pakistan incident. Pravda writes that the military action taken would be detrimental to Pakistan’s interests. The situation is dangerous for peace in the whole of Asia, including India, and even in the whole world. Due to the stalemate between the two countries over the Indian and Pakistani missions in Dhaka and Calcutta, the two countries accepted the Soviet Union’s offer to repatriate the mission personnel by Russian plane.

On this day, the British aid agencies Oxfam and War on Want appealed for financial assistance for food, clothing and shelter for the Bangladeshi refugees who took refuge in India.

Expatriate Bengalis again protested against the Pakistan cricket team in Worcestershire, UK. When the game started, about 500 Bengalis gathered there and chanted slogans like ‘Accept Bangladesh’ and ‘Killers go back’.

In India and Pakistan
The Allahabad University of India said on the day that special facilities would be given to the students whose studies have been disrupted in different universities of Bangladesh for the freedom struggle if they want to be admitted in Allahabad University. It was also decided to give temporary jobs to some teachers of different universities in Bangladesh as guest teachers.

According to Pakistan’s Information Department, the government will allow some selected journalists to travel to East Pakistan. However, those who have been expelled from East Pakistan before will not be allowed to do so.

Pakistani troops continue to fire and shell in different parts of India on this day as well. Their shelling damaged the Radhikapur railway station in West Dinajpur. One refugee was killed and six Indians were injured.

The bridge was destroyed in the ambush of the freedom fighters at Bagadia in Laksam, Comilla and the vehicles of the Pakistani army were damaged.

Source: Bangladesh War of Independence: Sector-based history, Sectors one and two; Daily Pakistan, Purbodesh and Anandabazar, 2 May 1971.

Author: Rashedur Rahman