May 16, 2021


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They are going from worker to worker

Workers are burdened. Vatvati has been started. Kiran Biswas is sitting next to the driver. Talking to him is not over. Kiran is a first year student of high school. The last question he had was, ‘What do you want to be in life after finishing your studies?’ Kiran brought this face to the reporter’s ear and said loudly, ‘I want to get married.’It was understood that Kiran is studying now but there is no new dream in her eyes. He himself is a worker. The man of his dreams could be another worker. Thus they have remained workers for generations.

Every day such workers come to Rajshahi city from different upazilas. Stays in town all day. They spend their days selling labor. At the end of the day, they rode back to the village. They get a wage of 330 rupees for work from 9 am to 5 pm. 30 rupees car rental. The remaining 300 rupees.

Now the work of integrated urban development project of Rajshahi city is going on. Such projects continue. Most of the people from small ethnic groups work in it. Talks were held with about 30 workers in Kalpana Mor area of ​​Rajshahi city on Friday. Except for one or two, everyone is from a small ethnic group. Only one of them has learned to read and do something else. Most of the older workers could not give a new lease of life to their children.

Sanchita Biswas (18) of Bhugroil Santoshpur in Paba Upazila will take the SSC exam this time. They are four sisters, three brothers are all workers. Even though he has studied so far, he cannot think of any other job except selling labor.

Abraham Hembrum is 19 years old. The house is in Sursunipara of Kankanhat municipal area of ​​Godagari. He lives at his uncle’s house in Ishwaripur of the upazila, 20 km away from there. Because, from Ishwaripur, the workers can get up to Bhatvati. He used to come to work in Rajshahi every day after riding in that boat. Like his father, Abraham had no more dreams. At the end of the day he is a worker.

Basanti Rani is about 40 years old. The husband is also a worker like her. They have three children. The eldest daughter will take the SSC exam this time. The youngest falls in the sixth grade. The boy is small. Even Basanti Rani cannot tell about the future of her children. But trying to teach reading.

Only exceptional statements were received from Shyamoli Biswas. She is in eighth grade. His house is in Baya area of ​​Paba upazila. Her father is also a worker. When he wants to know what he wants to finish his studies, he says with a smile, he wants to be a doctor. Sanchita Biswas, Kilma Biswas and Jharna Hembrum were by his side at that time. They all laughed with him. The reason for this laughter was not understood. It was not understood whether Shyamoli said from her heart that she was going to be a doctor.