May 16, 2021


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Young man arrested with yaba in Sherpur

Sherpur DB police have arrested a youth named Mahfuzur Rahman Nithul (25) along with 100 pieces of yaba at Sreevardi in Sherpur. He was arrested from Jhulgaon area of ​​Singabruna union of the upazila at midnight on Thursday. The arrested Nitul is the son of local Shahijal Miah.According to DB police sources, a group of policemen led by District Detective Branch (DB) Branch Officer-in-Charge Mansur Ahmed raided the house of drug dealer Mahfuzur Rahman Nithul in hilly area of ​​Sreebardi Upazila on Thursday night. At that time, the police arrested Nithul in Hatena along with 100 pieces of yaba.

In this regard, the officer-in-charge of Sherpur DB Police Mansur Ahmed said that a young man named Nithul along with Yaba was arrested in the operation under the direction of Sherpur Superintendent of Police Hasan Nahid Chowdhury. The youth arrested in the drug case was handed over to the court on Friday afternoon.
BD Daily / Al Amin

The sword of the epidemic coronavirus fell on the workers. The hardest hit during this difficult period of more than a year are the workers. Fear of life on the one hand and the urge to make a living on the other. There is no job opportunity even if the deadly virus enters the field with contempt. As a result, the working families have to spend their days without eating. We have to look for donations for a handful of food. In this modern age, workers in the country and abroad have never seen such a miserable situation before. It is in such a situation that the memorial of labor rights ‘Great May Day’ has come today. The theme of this year’s May Day is: “Regardless of the owner or worker, I will build the country in the year of Mujib.”

After the onset of the epidemic, workers working in various sectors, starting from the garment sector, are facing one loss after another. Especially in the most labor-intensive garment sector of the country, 3 lakh 56 thousand workers have lost their jobs. This is according to a survey by the Center for Policy Dialogue (CPD) and BRAC University’s Mapdon in Bangladesh. It further said that most of the companies did not follow the rules regarding layoffs and closure of factories. According to another UNDP study, 35 per cent of the country’s garment workers lost their salaries last year after the onset of the epidemic. Workers ‘leaders said workers’ salaries were cut during the general holiday last year, depriving them of bonuses. To avoid health risks, ordinary people stay at home in the lockdown, but workers have to work in factories. They have to walk to work as there is no public transport. According to another study by TIB, 8 percent of the country’s workers could not provide food assistance to their families due to the epidemic. Hotel and restaurant workers are also in danger due to the epidemic. The labor leaders complained that the hotel owners fired the workers without paying the arrears. In addition, domestic workers working in the home have also been laid off from the beginning of the corona infection. Not getting back to work, some of them have started begging. According to a CPD report, the epidemic has had a major negative impact on low-income women. Besides, the transport workers are in danger as the public transport is closed in the lockdown. Because, if the wheel does not turn, the income of these workers also stops. Leaders of the Bangladesh Road Transport Workers’ Federation complained that the workers risked their lives to get on the road without getting relief. Because, if the car does not run, the family of these workers will not run. According to the leaders, 5 million transport workers take part in passenger transport every day. And this huge number of workers are now unemployed due to the closure of public transport. Expatriate workers and remittance fighters are also in danger due to the corona. Hundreds of thousands of migrants have lost their jobs and lost their jobs as economic activity has stalled as countries, including the Middle East, have been hit hard by the Corona crackdown. Many have been deported due to lack of valid paperwork and expiration. Many workers have already returned to the country after losing their jobs.