May 16, 2021


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Corona vaccine stock is 18 lakh, waiting for the second dose is 30 lakh

So far, Bangladesh has received 12 million doses of vaccines, including vaccines bought by the government from the Seram Institute and gifts sent by India. According to the Department of Health, 58 lakh 19 thousand 756 people have been vaccinated with the first dose till April 29.Of these, 26 lakh 5 thousand 694 people also got the second dose. And 30 lakh 13 thousand 972 people are waiting for the second dose.
A total of 6 lakh 25 thousand 305 people have already been vaccinated. Now the department has 15 lakh 64 thousand 695 doses of vaccine in stock. As a result, 43 lakh 80 thousand 369 people will be able to get the second dose of vaccine.

If the vaccine is not given in the first week of May, there will be doubts about the second dose vaccination of 14 lakh 39 thousand 26 people who took the first dose.
According to the department, the second dose of vaccine can be administered till the first week of May with the existing vaccine stock. Vaccination activities will be hampered if new invoices are not received.

Earlier on the afternoon of April 25, the line director of the MNC&H branch of the Department of Health. Md. A letter signed by Shamsul Haque said the first dose of the Covid-19 vaccination program would be temporarily suspended from April 26 (Monday) until further notice due to depletion of stocks and uncertainty over supply.

However, no one from the health department could say exactly when the first dose of vaccine will be given again. Many people are of the opinion that if there is enough vaccine in the new consignment of vaccines, the first dose of vaccine will be given again with the same vaccine as the second dose.

Many have taken the first dose of corona vaccine from the Seram Institute of India. But due to the sudden suspension of vaccine exports to India, there are fears that many will not get a second dose of the vaccine.

In this context, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University (BSMMU) Vice-Chancellor Prof. Md. Sharfuddin Ahmed said a high-level meeting has already been held on the issue. From the meeting we formed a committee. That committee will review. Our experts will test whether the second dose can be given to Sputnik of Russia or Synoform of China.

He added that the second dose of corona vaccine could be given as Sputnik or Synoform.

Professor Dr. Sharfuddin said that some articles have said that it may be given. Although it is not right to say this without expert opinion, hopefully it is possible.

“The fears we have about AstraZeneca have nothing to fear,” he said. Though not from India, there is talk of bringing it from Dubai or Korea. Overall since we can be given a second dose until May, there is no reason to despair.

On Thursday (April 29) evening, the Director of the Department of Health (MIS) Professor. Mizanur Rahman said that in the last 24 hours, a total of 10 people have been vaccinated with the first dose. Among them 3 are males and 8 are females. And one lakh 8 thousand 539 people have been vaccinated with the second dose. Of these, one lakh 8 thousand 69 are males and 64 thousand 691 are females.

According to the Health Emergency Operations Center and Control Room of the Department of Health, the vaccination program started in the country on January 26. 27 people were vaccinated on the first day. Vaccination activities started on February 8 all over the country. For those who have received the first dose, the second dose is given from April 8. Although the first dose of vaccine has been announced to be discontinued from April 26, it is being given in some centers.