May 16, 2021


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Bail for three and a half hundred detainees in Sherpur virtual hearing

Virtual courts are running nationwide for lockdown in Corona. In this virtual hearing, more than three and a half hundred accused have been released on bail in the District and Sessions Judge, Women and Child Abuse Suppression Tribunal and Chief Judicial Magistrate Court in Sherpur. The bail was granted by the court judges in 13 working days from April 12 to April 29 (five working days off) during the lockdown. However, many people accused of surrendering in various cases and accused in new cases are not getting the benefit of this virtual hearing.

According to court sources, 231 accused have been granted bail only by the Chief Judicial Magistrate and his subordinate courts. About 50 people have been granted bail by the District and Sessions Judges and the Tribunal for the Suppression of Violence against Women and Children. The country’s law department decided to keep the virtual court open in the lockdown in the public interest.

Mokhlesur Rahman Akand, president of the Bar Association, and Advocate Tariqul Islam Bhasani, general secretary, said the virtual court must have established a fair trial for those in jail. Considering this opportunity in the case of surrenderers, many innocents will face the law. Their hope is that for humanitarian reasons, at least before Eid, a virtual hearing of the surrendered accused will be held part-time.
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A teenager died while prostrating while performing Tarabi prayers in Fulgazi upazila of Feni. The incident took place at Daulatpur village in Sadar union of the upazila on Wednesday night.

The body of the teenager was handed over to his family after an autopsy on Thursday. The deceased was identified as Abul Kalam Shaheen, 18. He is the son of Abul Bashar of Daulatpur village.

Police and locals said Abul Kalam Shaheen came to the mosque on Wednesday night to offer Tarabi prayers. At one stage during the prayers, he could not get up. Later, the worshipers returned the salute and rushed Shaheen to Feni General Hospital, where the on-duty doctor declared him dead.
Residential Medical Officer (RMO) of Feni General Hospital Iqbal Hossain Bhuiyan said the highest temperature in the country has been recorded in the last few days in Feni. Many people are suffering from various problems as they cannot tolerate this temperature. The death of the teenager is thought to be a ‘heat stroke’.

Officer-in-charge (OC) of Fulgazi Police Station Mohammad Qutb Uddin said an unnatural death case has been registered in the incident.The goal. They are cheating by showing various tricks and false temptations by understanding the opportunity. Among these scams are the temptation to send people abroad at low cost, to call them home and force them to take pornographic pictures and make them viral. According to relevant sources, 80 percent of the people who are victims of virtual fraud do not want to sue. According to multiple sources in the law enforcement agencies, there are various fraudulent circles around to get the traps of various types of fraud. There is no remedy even though there are allegations of horrible fraud. After being arrested after the case, the members of the gang are getting reckless again after being released on bail. Hundreds of fraudsters are now active in Rajshahi alone. Political leaders are also victims of these scams. They do not want to sue for fear of social stigma. Even if someone files a case, they continue to spread various propaganda against him on social media. Money is being swindled through ‘blackmail’. A bank official fell into the trap of such a cycle. He is a branch manager of a state-owned bank in Rajshahi. Police rescued her from the rented house of Nari Chakra. In Rajshahi, she got married first to a local leader, then to love. After all, even after a legal divorce, a woman is still not giving up in her greed for money. The woman is constantly harassing the leader in various ways. Although there was a case of cheating, the woman did not stop. City police spokesman Golam Ruhul Quddus said some of those involved in the fraud and blackmail had already been arrested. A team of police is monitoring the incidents. He advised people to be careful to avoid the hands of fraudsters. He also said that if anyone is cheated, he should cooperate with the police.

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