May 17, 2021


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Women workers are more affected during the coronation period

Women workers are the most affected in the Corona situation. Many have lost their jobs. Many have lost both wages and jobs. As a result, their lives are being cut short by starvation and insecurity. It is true that many are working under lockdown or strict restrictions during the coronation period, but if they are deprived of their rights for any reason, they do not get a chance to seek redress. Men are being hired but women are being left out. In case of wages also male workers are given 400 rupees but female workers are given 300 rupees or in some cases less. They are working with the family and accepting the discrimination.

Experts say that in Bangladesh, the pay gap between men and women in the public-private sector, ie in the formal sector, is much lower, but in the informal sector, the pay gap is still much higher. Concerned parties say that eliminating income inequality at all levels is still a big challenge for Bangladesh. Recommends workers ‘risk allowances, factory owners’ initiative to vaccinate workers against corona, reduce accidents by improving working environment, do not lay off workers during coronary period, encourage workers to save through bank accounts, strengthen tripartite committee activities, establish specialized hospitals for workers. They.

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In Jaldhaka, women agricultural workers are deprived of fair wages

Experts say the garment industry is the main driving force of the country’s economy. It is because of this industry that the country has gained recognition in the world market today. 64% of the country’s export income comes from the garment sector. More than 45 lakh workers work in this sector. 80 percent of them are women workers. Many women in the country are now economically self-sufficient due to the welfare of the garment industry. On the other hand, there is the opposite picture. Many women workers are being deprived of their rights when they come to work in this industry. Not getting a fair price for labor. Many are losing their jobs during this Corona epidemic.

Nazrul Islam Khan, secretary general and executive director of the Institute of Labor Studies — Bills, said there was still a long way to go before the eight-hour daily work schedule and the right to trade unions. Referring to the issue of compensation to the bank officials affected by the corona, he said such benefits should be added for those workers who are keeping the wheel of the country’s economy in motion.

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Women now make up 56 percent of the garment industry

Bangladesh Trade Union Center General Secretary. Wajedul Islam Khan said, first the lives of the workers have to be saved. If the workers survive, the factory will survive. For this, it is necessary to make arrangements to provide quick financial assistance to the workers from the Workers Welfare Foundation. So that the workers do not have to suffer extra in the epidemic. The workers should be given the opportunity of social security declared for the workers

Direct remittances will begin on Sunday (May 2nd) to the 3.5 million low-income families affected by the Corona epidemic. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will inaugurate the program.

Due to the outbreak of the global pandemic corona virus, all the people of the country have to follow the hygiene rules to save their lives. As a result, many low-income workers and people engaged in informal work have become unemployed. The Prime Minister has taken steps to provide financial assistance to protect the country’s poorest people from unemployment and loss of income due to the corona virus.

Last year, in 2020, the ‘Cash Financial Assistance’ program was launched to help low-income families who were financially disadvantaged and jobless due to the Corona epidemic. In 2020, 35 lakh low-income families affected by the Corona epidemic were provided financial assistance of Tk 60 crore at the rate of Tk 2,500 per family directly to the beneficiary’s mobile banking account or bank account. Following this, the Prime Minister has agreed to provide financial assistance of a total of Tk 80 crore at the rate of Tk 2,500 per family to the 35 lakh low-income families affected by the ongoing Corona epidemic.

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During the coronation period, the income of 6 percent of the families decreased

The Prime Minister will inaugurate the program on Sunday, May 2. According to the Finance Ministry, the 3.5 million families will be sent financial assistance directly to their designated mobile banking accounts or bank accounts through EFT.

According to the Ministry of Finance, the proportion of disaster-prone, extremely poor areas and population has been taken into account in allocating funds to the extremely poor, jobless and low-income people. In particular, it has been ensured that low-income people like day laborers, farmers, laborers, transport workers etc. get this financial assistance. The real poor people have been identified using information technology so that only the real extremely poor people get this money.