May 17, 2021


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A police constable was killed when a covered van hit him in Khulna

The accident took place on the Khulna-Jessore highway at Badamtala of Khanjahan Ali Police Station around 6:30 pm on Friday.The deceased was identified as Deepak Kumar Kumarkhali of Kushtia. He was serving in the Shiromani Range Reserve Force (RRF).Khanjahan Ali Police Station OC Prabir Kumar Biswas said two motorcycles collided head-on on the Khulna-Jessore highway at Badamtala of the city’s Khanjahan Ali Police Station around 7:30 pm. Police constable Deepak fell on the road.He was seriously injured when a covered van hit him.

Locals rescued him and took him to Khulna City Medical College Hospital, where the on-duty doctor declared police constable Deepak dead.

The covered van was seized but its driver and assistant escaped. The body of the slain police constable has been kept in the hospital morgue, the OC said.

The government is stepping up one lockdown after another to prevent coronavirus infection. Police and administration are working in the field. But ordinary people are playing hide and seek with lockdown.

Strict measures are being taken on the main roads of Khulna metropolis and upazila level as per the notification of lockdown. However, the picture is different in the fish and raw markets. There is no plague of hygiene. Besides, after Iftar, there is a lot of chat in the alleys. The tea cycle is going on.

Lockdown will not be seen in Muhsin Mor Raw Market, Khulna Metropolitan Raw Bazaar at Sonadanga Truck Terminal, Aranghata Bypass Fish Market, Daulatpur Bazar, Boyra Bazar, Khalishpur Bazar, Sandhya Bazar, Rupsha Bazar.

Most markets do not have a hand sanitizer at the entrance. Buyers and sellers do not have masks on their faces. As well as social distance, shopping is going on close to the village.

Although the city’s main roads and offices have taken strict measures under lockdown, those markets do not have the necessary measures. It is learned from various wards that tea and grocery shops are being opened at different corners immediately after Iftar. The chat is going on properly. Discussions are about the advantages and disadvantages of lockdown. In addition, in many areas, the youth hang out in the fields from evening to night.

Recently, 4-5 people were seriously injured and one was killed in a separate attack by miscreants at Daulatpur, Pabla, Khalishpur and Circuit House. Ordinary people are frustrated because of the law and order situation in the midst of the government’s severe lockdown. Because there is a kind of stealth game being played with lockdown. During the day, the police patrol on the main road is going on as usual after nightfall.

Sources in the Khulna district administration and the Khulna Metropolitan Police (KMP) said they were working to implement the lockdown and control corona infections. On behalf of the district administration, 3 teams are patrolling the city every morning and 3 teams in the afternoon with at least 12 executive magistrates.

Besides, a team of executive magistrates is also working in 9 upazilas of Khulna. On behalf of KMP, 26 check posts, 10 mobile patrol teams and 2 mobile teams of DB police are working in important places of the city.

They claim that they are taking strict action as per the lockdown notification. People are being made aware by collecting cases and fines every day.

Khulna district administration Additional District Magistrate. Yusuf Ali told Jugantar, “Our magistrates are constantly working at the city and upazila level.” Fines are being collected along with the case.

He claims that as a result of lawsuits and fines, ordinary people are less likely to leave their homes.

Mohammad Jahangir Alam, ADC of KMP’s media wing, told Jugantar, “We are doing our best to bring the people to lockdown.” I have instructed the mobile team to be more active including intensifying patrols in raw markets, fish markets and alleys.