May 17, 2021


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Rumors of Mithun being attacked by Corona

Rumor has it that actor Mithun Chakraborty has been attacked by Corona. It is said that Mahaguru himself confirmed the news. But later it came up in the Indian media again as a lie.On Tuesday (April 27), Filmfare tweeted that Mithun was reported to have suffered a corona. Later, the magazine re-posted that the actor Mithun himself said that he was not affected by Corona. He said that he is currently on leave after running a continuous campaign.

Mithun Chakraborty has been busy campaigning for the BJP since last month. The actor joined the team on March 8. After that he is preaching in different places of the state.

Mithun has taken part in several programs every day on behalf of the BJP, starting from taking to the streets. It was first heard that he would also contest the elections on behalf of the BJP. But in the end it did not happen.

It is to be mentioned that Mithun was busy in the election campaign a few days ago. He recently attended a public meeting. It was decided that 500 people could take part there. But there was an overflowing crowd that day to see the star. Later, Vaishnava Nagar Returning Officer Debjit Basu lodged an FIR against Ashish Mandal, one of the initiators of the meeting.

On Saturday (April 24) at Mithun’s public meeting in Vaishnavanagar, Maldar, the crowd was more than five hundred. Even there no hygiene was observed. No one had a mask on their face. At the same time, the BJP has broken the election rules and tax rules.

After a long time, Nazmun Munira Nancy sang with Habib Waheed again. It will be released in early May. The recording of the song has been completed recently.

The news of the new song has been confirmed by musician Nancy herself on social media. Posting two pictures from the studio, he wrote in the caption, ‘Good news for those who are waiting to hear new songs sung by me and Habib Wahid. A new song was recorded today. ‘

He further wrote, ‘Next Saturday the song titled Friend will be released on Habib Wahid’s official YouTube channel. I hope this song will be able to win your heart like every time. ‘

The song titled ‘Bandhure’ was earlier released by Habib Wahid in a solo voice. This time it was recorded anew. In this context, Nancy said, ‘The song was released solo by Habib Bhai earlier. That is what he recorded anew with me. I have a few more duets with him. But it will be published first. ‘

Note that on April 1, Nancy sang four songs in one day. There are four songs – the historical patriotic ‘Muktir Mandir Sopan Tale’, the theme song of Boishakh ‘Come O Boishakh’, Mitali Mukherjee’s ‘Love is not as big as life’ and Ahmed Rajib’s song ‘Sadhya Ki Ar Hai Bolo’.

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