May 8, 2021


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Priyanka Corona Fund for Indians

Many Bollywood stars are coming forward to deal with the dire situation in Corona, India. This time Priyanka Chopra has appealed to the world to help her country. The actress has posted a video on social media.Priyanka posted a video on Instagram. “We need to pay attention now,” he said. This is very important. Sitting here in London, I hear from my family and friends about the lack of hospital beds in India.He added, ‘There is no room in the ICU, the ambulance is very busy, there is a lack of oxygen. In addition, the death toll has risen so much. My country India is in a delicate situation. ‘

Asked for help, Priyanka said, ‘We need to take care as a world community. No one is safe unless everyone is safe. So, extend your hand as much as you can to help stop the epidemic. Donate. ‘

It is to be mentioned that Salman Khan has taken the responsibility of feeding five thousand Corona fighters. According to Bollywood’s Vizion, as long as the lockdown continues in Mumbai, Vizion’s Kitchen and Shiv Sena’s youth wing will jointly deliver food to different areas.

US social media platform Facebook and search engine giant Google have failed to remove fraudulent ads online. A recent study by consumer rights organization Witch? According to the research report, Google failed to remove 34 percent of the scam ad data and Facebook failed to remove 27 percent.

Both Facebook and Google say they have removed the deceptive ads. But Whitch? I think they should have taken more drastic steps in this regard. Their research report states-

Most users said they did not report the scam ads on Facebook because they felt it would compromise the security of their accounts. On the other hand, many people do not know how to report Google’s scam ads.

Being warned

Whitch? “Users have the option to report fraudulent ads on online platforms,” ​​he said. So that users are protected from fraudulent advertising.

Adam French, a consumer rights expert at Whitch?, Said: Online platforms must take responsibility for removing fraudulent advertisements, take a firm stand on fake content, and the government must legislate on the issue.

Comments from Facebook and Google

“Fraudulent activities on social media are not allowed and we have taken action against multiple pages in the United States,” said a Facebook representative.

At the same time, Google said it had removed or blocked more than 31 million ads. The search engine company said, ‘We always monitor online scam ads. We will block the site or remove the content if it violates the organization’s policy. ‘

Google added: “We have a strict policy on this and we remove it whenever we see fraudulent advertisements.” Source: BBC

Zayadi / SI

The world saw the first ‘Super Moon’ of the year. Although it does not look pink, NASA has named this full moon ‘Pink Moon’. However, the cosmic beauty between the outbreak of the epidemic and the lockdown was not very enjoyable for many.

Due to its geographical location, Australians get the opportunity to see the first ‘Super Moon’ in 2021. However, all tourist areas, including Bondi Beach, were under curfew to prevent the spread of the epidemic.

The full moon was shining a few times over the desolate ‘India Gate’. In the procession of death and infection in Corona, however, the capital of India did not have much interest in this cosmic beauty.

As the distance of the only satellite from Earth decreased, it appeared to be 15 times larger and 30 percent brighter than the ordinary full moon.

The color of the moon depends largely on the amount of oxygen and nitrogen particles in the atmosphere. But in the spring season, NASA has named this full moon after the flower ‘Pink Flox’ that blooms on the American continent. The world will observe the second and last Super Moon of the year by the end of next month.

Zayadi / SI