May 8, 2021


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‘You are not lost among us for a moment’

The daughter’s relationship with the father is one of the sweetest in the world. Dad is not just the name of the relationship, Dad has a sense of greatness. So even a year after her death, Riddhima could not forget her father. One year after Rishi Kapoor’s death, daughter Riddhima Kapoor became emotional and remembered her father. He posted two pictures of beautiful moments of father and daughter on Instagram.

In one picture, little Riddhima is on her father’s lap. In the other picture, Riddhima Baba is with her head on Rishi’s chest. The father holds the daughter with both hands in both the pictures. The child is always small to the parents, so even after growing up, the child is protected. These two pictures are examples of that.


With these two photo posts, Riddhima writes about Baba, ‘Until we meet again we talk about you, I miss you all the time. You are not lost among us for a moment, nor will you be lost. You will remain the same in our hearts forever. You are still showing us the right way in every decision of life. Dad, I love you very much ‘Riddhima ended her writing by saying this.

Bollywood chocolate boy Rishi Kapoor died of cancer on April 30 last year. He was 6 years old at the time of his death. Nitu Kapoor, the wife of the late Rishi Kapoor, said in a television show in 2016 that Rishi loves his daughter the most among his children. So even after the daughter got married, the father used to talk to the daughter every day in a video call.

The death toll from the corona virus is rising in the country, including in recreational areas. Actress Mahiya Mahi has said that she has decided not to go shopping for Eid this time to keep her family and herself tax free. In a recent interview published in the media, the heroine of the Dhaka film informed about her decision. The day after the news broke, the actress reportedly bought a new car for Rs 60 lakh.

Mahi himself said he would buy the car. Mahir’s new car is a white Toyota Harrier. This is the 2015 Alvans Premier model. The current market value of the car in Bangladesh is around Rs 60 lakh. After buying the new car, the heroine has also made a blog about it. Mahi said details about the new car there.

Mahiya Mahi loves to tour. Whenever he got a chance, he was seen with his friends in his previous car Mitsubishi’s Lancer EX. Mahi said that this time he will get along well with his friends in the new car.

However, regarding the decision not to go shopping, Mahi said, “I have decided not to go shopping for Eid shopping.” Because shopping malls are crowded with people. Crowding would not be okay at this point. And buying a car is a long-term plan. I just took it. Mahiya Mahi has been staying at home since before the lockdown. Not taking part in any shooting. However, he said that he is going to abide by the rules and regulations even if he has to go out for some Eid work.

Mahir, who started his career in 2012 with the film ‘Bhalobasar Rang’ produced by Jazz Multimedia, released his latest film ‘Nawab LLB’. Shakib Khan was the protagonist of the film which was released in December last year.