May 16, 2021


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Google doodle with vaccine and mask

Google, the world’s most popular search engine, has released a special doodle to inspire people to get vaccinated against coronavirus (Cavid-19). At the same time, awareness pictures about doodle masks have been published with the aim of inspiring everyone to wear masks.Google released this doodle on Saturday (May 1). Since its release, the doodle has been seen in some countries in North and South America, including the United States and Canada, the United Kingdom and Bulgaria in Europe, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Malaysia in Asia.

Google’s message through the doodle is ‘Get Vaccinated’. Wear a mask. Save Lives’ means’ Get vaccinated, wear a mask, save lives’. Putting a mask or finger on the doodle conveys this message.

In addition, if you click on the doodle, Google will show you the latest updates on coronavirus and various links related to vaccination. Clicking on the doodle from Bangladesh will bring up the Corona Portal of the Government of Bangladesh ( and the World Health Organization website.

At the same time, various vaccine updates are being shown in Bangladesh till April 29.

It is said that 6 lakh 25 thousand 350 doses of vaccine have been given in Bangladesh till that date. At least 58 lakh 19 thousand 758 people got the first dose. And 26 lakh five thousand 694 people have completed the vaccination program with two doses.

According to GitHub, a software development company, the two-dose vaccine rate in Bangladesh is 1.7 percent.

Fasting is one of the pillars and main worship of Islam. It has to be done by fulfilling certain conditions and conditions. If these conditions and prohibitions are not met, the fast is broken and it is considered void.

However, the Qur’an declares that fasting is a rule and its violation, ‘On the night of Ramadan, intercourse is lawful for you. They are your garments and you are their garments. GOD knows that you have wronged yourselves. Then He forgave you and forgave you. So join them and seek what Allah has ordained for you. And eat and drink until the black line of the night and the white line of the dawn are clearly visible to you. Then complete the fast till nightfall. ‘(Surat al-Baqara, verse 18)

In the above verse, Allah tells the fasting person to abstain from three things: a. Wife-orgasm, b. Eating, c. Drinking. So if a person engages in sexual intercourse and eating and drinking, his fast will be broken. In addition, scholars agree that fasting is also broken due to menstruation or menstruation in women.


Revenge for breaking the fast

There are two types of reasons for breaking the fast.

One. Due to which the fast is broken and both qaza and kaffarah (compensation) have to be paid as compensation. That is wife-orgasm and intentional eating and drinking. If a person wishes to have sexual intercourse with his wife during the month of Ramadan or to eat and drink, his fast will be broken. In retaliation, the person has to make up the missed fasts and expiation. However, like Imam Shafi’i and Ahmad (Rah.), It is said that if someone plays something on purpose, he will only do Qaza. You do not have to pay the atonement. According to them, the expiation of Ramadan is obligatory only because of sexual intercourse. Note that drugs and smoking are included in the diet and any type of voluntary ejaculation is included in intercourse. If a husband forces his wife to have intercourse, then the wife will only perform the qaza of fasting and the husband will perform both qaza and kaffara.

Two. The reasons for breaking the fast are to perform qasas and not to pay kaffarah. Intentionally vomiting, II. After vomiting most of the mouth swallowed, 3. Menstruation after menstruation and childbirth in girls, 4. If you leave Islam, 5. Glucose or tonic injection or saline, 6. If water enters the throat reluctantly while cooling, 6. If drugs or anything else enters the body through the urinary tract, 6. If someone forces the fasting person to eat something, 9. If you eat and drink after Sadiq in the morning thinking that there is night left, 10. Iftar time before sunset thinking that it is time, 11. If you vomit in the mouth, 12. Eating something by mistake, thinking that the fast is broken and playing something more intentionally, 13. If you eat it after falling in the rain water, 14. If the drug is inserted through the ear or nose, 15. If you take out the amount of gram from the gap between the teeth with the tongue and eat it, 16. If you swallow it intentionally after vomiting a little, 16. When water is lost inside the aju while giving water to the coolie or nose while remembering the fast. (Fatawa Shami and Fatawa Alamgiri)


What is the kaza and kaffara of roza?

The qaza of roza is to break the fast or to break the roza only to perform roza. Not realizing anything extra. On the other hand, the expiation of the rosary is to collect additional compensation as compensation. That is to free slaves or to fast for two consecutive months or to feed 60 poor people. (Sahih Bukhari, Hadith: 1937)

Most of the jurists said that the continuity narrated in the hadith must be maintained. That is, if he is unable to free the slave who breaks the fast, he will fast for two months. And if he fails to fast for two months, he will feed 60 poor people.