May 17, 2021


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SSC HSC exam in crisis

The education administration has come under a lot of criticism with the ‘autopass’ of last year’s HSC and equivalent candidates. So for now, they don’t have to worry about autopsy in any big public exam. As a result, they are in a crisis with this year’s SSC and HSC candidates. These students are not going to take exams in any way without taking classes. Corona can’t even think of taking students directly to the classroom unless the situation improves.

All types of educational institutions have been closed since March 16 last year after the outbreak of corona. As a result, this year’s SSC candidates could not do 10th class and HSC candidates could not do 12th class. During these 14 months of closure of educational institutions, a small number of students from the city’s prestigious schools and colleges have taken classes online, but students from poor and impoverished families are completely out of school.

It is known that the most important thing for a student is SSC and HSC exams. Because these two tests tell us which way a student will go in the future. As a result, 4 million students and their parents are spending their days in great anxiety. Because these students have not been able to take classes for a long time, many are out of school, not even preparing for their exams.

Professor Nehal Ahmed, president of the Inter-Education Board and chairman of the Dhaka Education Board, told Kaler Kanth, “We still want to take this year’s SSC and HSC exams by giving classes.” For that, short syllabus has been published for SSC and HSC candidates. But the decision that is being made today because of Corona, may have to change tomorrow. As a result, it is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. We are also looking at the situation. ‘

According to the syllabus, SSC exams were to be taken from February 1 and HSC exams from April 1. But it was not possible to take the test at this time due to Corona. The government had decided to reopen the educational institution on March 30 after the corona infection subsided earlier this year. Accordingly, a short syllabus of 60 working days for SSC and equivalent and 64 working days for HSC and equivalent was published. It was then planned to take these two important public exams over a period of two weeks. But due to the second wave of corona, the holiday was extended till May 22. As a result, it is not possible to take class-examination as per the previous plan.

Concerned parties say that in the current situation of Corona, there is extreme uncertainty about whether the educational institution will be opened on May 23. Even if the educational institution is opened at that time, it will not be possible to take SSC and HSC examinations before August-September. If the educational institution does not open on May 23, it will be too late to take the exam.

Mohammadpur Kislay Girls School and College Principal. “We don’t want autops in any way,” Rahmat Ullah told Kaler Kanth. If the educational institution does not open on May 23, we will have to wait a few more days and think about taking the exam. However, the government may consider opening an educational institution for mopsball in compliance with the health rules. Village life is very normal. The boys and girls there are going out regularly. ‘

The guardian of an SSC candidate from Manipur School and College in the capital told Kaler Kanth, “It doesn’t look like my son will take the SSC exam this time. Since the school is not open, private tuition cannot go, so we can’t put pressure on it. ‘

According to the source, not only this year’s SSC and HSC exams, the education administration is worried about all the class-exams. As a result, the Ministry of Education has formed an 11-member committee headed by the chairman of the Dhaka Board of Education to find alternative ways to continue their studies.

The chairman of the Dhaka Education Board added, “We have already held two virtual meetings. We are reviewing how other countries in the world are studying and how the exams are being taken. However, no country has taken a direct public examination at this time in Corona. And the highest MCQ test can be taken online; But it is not possible to take composition. We will hold a few more meetings and send suggestions to the Ministry of Education on how to continue the study.